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Stay Safe Under the Sun While Golfing

Date: 2016-04-26 12:00:00 am

Stay Safe Under the Sun While Golfing


Golf Resort If you are looking for a place to spend a wonderful golfing vacation this summer season, look no further than Thousand Hills Golf Resort as it provides a nice golf venue where you can stay safe while playing golf under the sun. The golf resort has an area of 4 acres overlooking greens and fairways of the most popular 18-hole golf course in Branson. Staying at any of the luxury accommodations at Thousand Hills gives you a convenient and comfortable stay as the place is just a walk away to the golf course.

Golfers always have the option to stay in spacious condominiums or log cabins overlooking the greens of Thousand Hills Golf Resort. While Branson has only eight public or semi-private golf courses, several of those have earned prestigious awards, making a golf vacation here the right choice. As you spend a nice summer vacation in Branson, be sure to play golf in the award-winning Branson Creek Golf Club, which was named as the Best Public Access Course in the State in 2006 by the “Golfweek.” The Payne Stewart Golf Club also earned a spot on the Top Five Public Access Courses in 2010.

If you want to take some rest after a nice rounds of golf, you can fill your time between rounds of golf by visiting many exciting attractions around Branson. Many of the golf courses are within the proximity of the Table Rock Lake area, where you can get to enjoy a wide range of outdoor and water-based sports activities. In the area, you always have the option to hike through the Ozarks, boat or fish on the lake, or simply sit back and enjoy the spectacular views of the Ozark mountains. When you head down to the Strip in the heart of Branson, you can enjoy even more with its world class live entertainment shows performed by a wide range of entertainers, including comedians, singers and award-winning musicians.

When travelling for a golf vacation in Branson, many of the golfers opt to rent equipment once they arrive at their destination. Golfers choose to rent golf equipments, as they find it burdensome to carry heavy loads and partly because of the ever-increasing cost of checking baggage on domestic flights. In Branson, every golfer is assured by several golf clubs and resorts as most of them offer equipment rentals.

To enjoy the most of your stay in Branson this summer season, time your trip properly and be sure to make a reservation. Some of the golf courses in Branson remain open year-round, including Thousand Hills Golf Resort and John Daly’s Murder Rock Golf and Country Club, but be prepared for big crowd especially during summer season. Spring and fall provide smaller crowds, creating an ideal time to explore the golf courses without battling the intense traffic and hot temperature during summer.

If you want to play golf this summer season, visit Thousand Hills Golf Resort in Branson where you can have a convenient and comfortable stay while playing golf.

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