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Step into the Maze of a Modern-Day Fairy Tale

Date: 2016-09-01 12:00:00 am

Step into the Maze of a Modern-Day Fairy Tale


Hannah’s Maze of MirrorsHannah’s Maze of Mirrors is one of the most interesting kiddie attractions in Branson where kids love to play a very fascinating and challenging game. Beautifully located on the property of the Hollywood Wax Museum, this kiddie attraction in Branson features a unique mirror maze that provides fun for the younger ones spending a wonderful vacation with you. The facility where Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors nestled is also home to Hollywood Wax Museum, Castle of Chaos, and Shoot for the Stars mini-golf – all these attractions provide fun and excitement that will leave visitors of all ages with smiles.

A family fun inside Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors begins with a search for the Princess before the time runs out. The game is about working your way through the mirrored corridors to rescue Princess Hannah of Savannah. The Wizard of the Golden Globe, King Oscar, and Queen Emmy will join you and cheer you up as you start your quest. You will be traversing your way through the 288 potential twists and turns among hundreds of mirrored walls and archways and several walls where no matter which way you turn, you see infinite reflections in every direction.

Your mission in searching the Princess can be very difficult because the maze is intricate and there are locations where you see reflections in every corner. This family-fun adventure is open every day at the Hollywood Entertainment Center. This is a perfect adventure that can add to your itinerary in Branson. The interactive experience that can be enjoyed in this game provides an engaging story to visitors. Characters in this mirror maze may appear suddenly behind two-way glass as you move your way through the Maze of Mirrors to supply hints or to laugh off at your clumsiness as you try to rescue the Princess.

This fascinating adventure in Branson is open 365 days of the year and is one of the best kiddie attractions in Branson for fun-seekers of all ages. Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors is great for families, seniors, couples, and tour groups. This is a unique attraction that can add to your perfect Branson getaway. Available in Branson until December 31, 2016, your admission to Hanna’s Maze of Mirrors will give you a chance to step into a modern-day fairy tale as you venture through the magical mirror maze to rescue a princess.

The Princess’s story makes the adventure an all-encompassing experience, as your purpose in navigating your way through the maze is to find her and rescue her. The princess is blessed with great beauty and she grew to be a very vain individual with a demand to place mirrors everywhere throughout her parent’s castle so she could always gaze upon her own beauty.

If you want to see all the four attractions at the Hollywood Entertainment Center, obtain a VIP pass which will allow you to see other three attractions such as Hollywood Wax Museum, Castle of Chaos and Shoot for the Stars mini-golf.

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