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Summer Water Fun without the Heat of the Sun

Date: 2017-06-15 12:00:00 am

Summer Water Fun without the Heat of the Sun


summer fun in BransonThe Splash Country Indoor Water Park at Grand Country Resort is a great water attraction in Branson where you can enjoy summer water fun activities without the heat of the sun. This beautiful water park features 3-story treehouse complete with water slides, toddler pool, lazy river, a 1,000 galloon tipping bucket, basketball pool, hot tubs as well as a season outdoor park. Inside the water park, you will also find Mining Company Grill which offers burgers, French fries, hot dogs, funnel cakes and more. Your summer fun in Branson will not be complete if you don’t try great water activities at Splash Country.

Located at the Grand Country Square entertainment complex, Splash Country Indoor Water Park is one of Branson’s most impressive water parks as this is one of the very few parks where great water fun activities can be enjoyed all year round. This multi-million dollar water attraction in Branson was designed to be a great vacation destination for families as the park features the most water fun activities where every visitor is sure to enjoy a wonderful summer fun in Branson.
Splash Country is a great place to relax and have some fun with the whole family and friends as it features exciting water rides and great water activities to help make your summer vacation in Branson a memorable one. Water attractions at Splash Country can be enjoyed indoor and outdoor – which allows you to have more hours of fun no matter what time of year you’re visiting or whatever the weather is like during your visit.
The indoor water attraction that you can enjoy at Splash Country include a fun and exciting game of ball at Basketball Play Pool; a bubbling water and jets that provide a natural hot springs at Melting Pot Spas; The Lazy River, great for those looking for relaxation, as the calm current takes you along more than 250’ of tranquil waters; The Treehouse, towering over the water features beneath and includes 1,000 gallon bucket that splashes to those who are beneath it; and Toddler Pool, built for fun for the youngest ones, with slides, swings, and more than 2,000 square foot area.
The outdoor water attractions that you can enjoy at the park include Lounging Areas, this specially-designed areas have been designed for your comfort to let you sit back and relax before you start a water fun activity; Eureka Mine which takes you down a thrilling waterslide ride down which is sure to give you a heart pounding experience; Froggie Bog, shooting jets of water coming from five different levels; and Hatfield Holler, a great attraction ideal for guests who want to take a challenge with a twisting creek that runs right through the heart of Hatfield Country, along the way, McCoy’s lying-in wait can use waterfilled buckets and will pour to anyone who comes sliding by.
Summer fun in Branson can be enjoyed best at the Splash Country Indoor Water Park at Grand Country Resort because it offers great water fun activities year round.


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