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Taste the Best Pies in Branson MO

Date: 2017-03-21 07:00:00 pm

Taste the Best Pies in Branson MO


dining in BransonMost of the food enthusiasts dining in Branson always look forward to taste the best pies in town. Pies made in Branson come in a variety of flavors depending on what you would like for your party. Pie shops in Branson often experience an influx of requests and orders for pies and desserts during the holiday season. Whether you’re looking for a flakey apple pie a la mode, seasonal fruit cobbler or heaping of lemon meringue, there’s really no shortage of tasty pie in Branson. In fact, there are many pie shops in Branson that serve the best pies including McFarlain’s, Bradford Inn & Eatery, Farmhouse Restaurant, Sugar Leaf Bakery & Café, Cakes-n-Creams and more.

McFarlain’s Family Restaurant which you can find at Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex, offers the largest selection of daily, made-from-scratch cobblers, fruit and crème pies, including one-of-a-kind Branson Traffic Jam Pie made with cherries, strawberries, cranberries and rhubarb. Their great combination of sweet and tart is like nothing you’ve tasted anywhere else before. A fantastic restaurant to visit after enjoying a show at the nearby Shoji Tabuchi Theatre.

Bradford Inn & Eatery offers a unique dining in Branson as the place features enclosed sun room where you can have a panoramic view of the beautiful surroundings. Here you can enjoy savory specialties made with grandma’s rich, flakey crust including chicken pot pie and quiche, and a variety of delicious dessert pies. Popular favorites in this restaurant include coconut cream pie and the strawberry rhubarb pie. If you crave for more sweet treat, try their fresh strawberry lemonade or sweet tea.

Beautifully located next to Dick’s 5 & 10 on Main Street is the Farmhouse Restaurant which offers popular homestyle breakfast and serves delicious pie. This is a great dining place to take a break and rest your feet after a day of shopping at Branson Landing. In this restaurant, you’ll enjoy their signature blackberry cobbler a la mode, cherry pie or apple maple pie. You’ll enjoy even more if you pair it with their delicious cup of coffee which will be replenished quickly by their friendly staff before reaching a half mark.

Sugar Leaf Bakery and Café is another restaurant in Branson that serves a variety of sweet treats. Located inside the Grand Village Shops, this café offers a warm, homey atmosphere. Cobbler is king in this café with features of wide assortment of cobblers including apple, blackberry, peach, raspberry, strawberry rhubarb, gooseberry, cherry and sugar-free blackberry. This local favorite sweet shop also serves hearty and savory made-to-order cuisine including their popular Fig & Apple Harvest salad.

Located in the middle of the famous 76 Strip, Cakes-n-Creams’ desserts are not only delicious, but their offering is truly a culinary work of art. Although funnel cakes are the classic ‘50s-style diner’s signature dessert, cream pies at Cakes-n-Creams are made with the finest ingredients.

With so many restaurants in Branson specializing in sweet treats, you are sure to enjoy the delicious taste of the best pie in town.

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