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The 28th Annual Fiddle Festival at the Grand Country

Date: 2016-07-28 12:00:00 am

The 28th Annual Fiddle Festival at the Grand Country


The Fiddle FestivalThe 28th Annual Fiddle Festival will be held at the Grand Country Music Hall from August 26 to 28, 2016. It is one of Branson events that has the grandest celebration featuring fiddle playing competition and live shows daily. Located in the heart of Branson, Grand Country Resort is the perfect home for this fascinating three-day fiddle festival. The resort is also home to many other entertaining attractions that include  36-hole indoor mini-golf, black light mini-golf, a family amusement center with arcade games and more. The resort is one of the grandest family vacation spots in Branson that once you get to the parking area, you’ll never want to leave.

When you want to spend a wonderful vacation at the Grand Country Resort, you can stay at the Grand Country Inn, watch a live entertainment or movie show in a theater or enjoy fine dining in an upscale restaurant and other family attractions. At Grand Country Music Hall, you are sure to enjoy a grand weekend celebration of fiddling and fun. Other great amenities that you can enjoy in the resort include an interactive indoor and outdoor water park including indoor and outdoor pools which are both free for all guests. The resort also features Grand Country Buffet that will let you enjoy pizza, custard, and homemade fudge; shopping for all ages; and of course the world’s largest banjo and fiddle.

The annual fiddle festival at Grand Country Resort is such an entertaining Branson event where you see the bow glides with a melodious tunes across the strings of the fiddlers. Formerly held in the historic downtown Branson and Branson Landing in an outdoor weather-dependent condition, the festival will be held this season in the middle of the famed Branson Strip. Mike Patrick, producer of the festival and other shows at Grand Country Music Hall had said that they are honored and excited in hosting the 28th Annual Fiddle Festival in Branson.

The producer of the festival points out that the actual competition will be conducted in the Grand Country Music Hall. It will be hosted by noted Branson Fiddler Wayne Massengale, who is widely known for his showmanship and fiddle playing skills. Wayne has won five times the coveted Branson Fiddler of the Year, as well as the Arkansas State Championship, and an award as the Most Promising Fiddler from the Society for the Preservation of Bluegrass Music Association (SPBGMA).

Participating fiddlers in the festival will be competing for cash including the coveted title of Mid-America Fiddle Champion. The preliminary rounds will be held on the second day of the festival. The Division Finals and the Championship Round Robin Competition will crown the overall Champion on Sunday, August 28. The  overall champion will get the title of Mid-America Fiddle Champion and will receive $1,000 cash prize and a Championship Belt Buckle.

The Fiddle Festival is one of Branson events which offers guests the grandest celebration featuring fiddle playing competition and live shows daily.

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