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The Artistic Side of the Ozarks

Date: 2018-05-04 12:00:00 am

The Artistic Side of the Ozarks


Many of the exciting attractions in Branson such as the live entertainment shows, museums, shopping and dining, and great outdoors have helped made this place as one of the most visited vacation destinations in the Midwest. Whatever way you want to enjoy your vacation trip and even shopping in Branson. There are many things to explore in Branson. If you want to see the artistic side of the Ozarks, Branson has the best shopping places for arts and crafts that include Apple Tree Mall, Branson Mill Craft Village, and the Grand Village Shops.
shopping in BransonThe Apple Tree Mall is one of the most visited places for those who are shopping in Branson located at 76 Country Boulevard that houses over 400 separate arts and crafts stores. Apple Tree Mall is a privately owned company that employs a staff of approximately 19.
The mall was opened in 1990 and categorized under retail establishment and property management operations. This beautiful attraction in Branson is a great shopping place that features an array of handcrafted items for sale including antique collectibles, handmade craft items made by local and regional craftsmen and artisans, art pieces, and more.
The place is also great for doll collector who wants to search collectible items to add to his collection. You can also find great displays of house decors that are beautifully designed and fashioned quilts made of glass or wood that can help make your home look great.
If you are visiting the mall with kids, they will surely be delighted if you check out displays of variety of hand-carved wooden toys in the mall. This unique mall also offers a wide variety of household items such as home interior decors, craft items, glass items, shelves, candles, jewelries, books, clothing, shabby chic stuff, and even primitive wooden toys.
If you are looking for one-of-a-kind craft items and other rare collectibles, this is the place to visit. This mall is way better than a flea market as it offers great ambiance, a relaxing atmosphere, and well maintained temperature. Most importantly, prices in the mall tend to be competitive making shoppers start filling their carts with great shopping items. The place is not your average mall. Here you can see many rare items such as personalized wooden signs, bird feeders, clocks, figurines, and many other unique items. Apple Tree Mall stands like a little treasure cove. Strolling around the mall, you will surely find something to bring home with you no matter what the price is and no matter your age is.
Branson Craft Mill Village is another great shopping place in Branson that offers many different kinds of arts works made by Artist Amy Calloway. You can find this colorful works of art at Amy’s Art Gift Shop that offers beautiful artworks of Street Lantern, Rose Climbers, Sunflower Personalities, Premier Night, Old Tractor, Assorted Gourds, Cat with Iris, Colorful Coleus, Fall Saplings, Family Portrait, Feline Fascination, Floor of the Forest, Newspaper Dog, and many more. Inside Branson Mill Craft Village, you can see Artist Amy Calloway, owner of Amy’s Art demonstrating her art work inside her shop.
Branson Mill Craft Village not only offers great shopping on arts and crafts, it is also a nice shopping place offering sweet treats and delicious tastes. A newly open Gram’s Snack Shop inside Branson Mill Craft Village offers homemade fudge that features a wide selection of delicious flavors. This snack shop has got the perfect taste of creamy sweet treat to take along while strolling inside the Branson Mill Craft Village. Gram’s Snack Shop also serves other great menu items and refreshments. Gram’s have different kinds of treats to try which are constantly changing every time you stop by.
Vasken’s Deli is another shop at Branson Mill Craft Village that offers delightful foods to visitors. Vasken’s Deli makes a variety of pre-made sandwiches and other goodies. These food items are perfect for dine-in or to grab and take with you. For groups on the go and just stopping by the Branson Mill, Vasken’s Deli offers box lunches that are easily available and be taken out for your group. After you have tried a bite of Vasken’s sandwich, you will know why they became favorites of the locals.
At Branson Mill, you can have the chance to take an art class. You can learn on classes ranging from painting to scarf making – all offered by experienced artists who call the Branson Mill Craft Village their home. Classes at Branson Mill include Scarf Making and Pottery. Pottery class is conducted one on one with Master Potter LeaAyn Shurleyand. LeaAyn offers a close individualized teaching. You have the option to choose your class hourly or purchase a package of seven two hour sessions. Master Potter LeaAyn teaches anyone from beginners to advanced with classes for the potters wheel or hand building.
shopping in BransonThe Grand Village Shops is where you can find a great display of Peter Engler Woodcarving Designs which are all Made in the USA By Hand. This shopping attraction in Branson is home to one of the famous woodcarvers in Branson.
Peter Engler began selling his craft products in 1962 at Silver Dollar City theme park. His woodcarving design is considered to be the center of woodcarving in the United States. He had established a shop in Branson in 1962, and represented over 200 artists.
Peter Engler began discovering his artistic gifts of drawing and carving in Minneapolis, MN, at the age of 10. In 1951, he joined the Marine Corps and amongst the ones who experienced rigorous routines of the Korean War. He would use the little down time that he had, pull out his pocketknife, and carve one of his whimsical little figures.
In 1962, he and his wife Virginia moved to Branson, leaving his mother’s art and gift shop in Lakeview, AR and established the Mountain Woodcarvers Shop at Silver Dollar City. As a skilled carver, he began to establish as a national figure of woodcarving and showed expertise with his whimsical carvings, life-sized Indians, Santas and more.
Along with woodcarving, Peter began to build the foundations needed for the arts and crafts in building a community in Branson. He went on to open shops in Branson and in Gatlinburg, TN. Peter started Silver Dollar City’s Fall Arts and Crafts Festival, co-founded the National Festival of Craftsmen and became very instrumental in the development of Ozark Mountain Christmas. Peter has been an inspiration to people who knew him. He always had a listening ear and encouraged everyone to learn the art of carving. Peter passed away in 2012, but his legacy remains.
Peter Engler Designs is not the only unique shop at the Grand Village Shops located in the middle of Branson’s entertainment district at 2800 W. Highway 76 on the famous Branson Strip. You will also find Thomas Kinkade Signature Art Gallery, Helwig Art Glass, and Mark Karpinski Photography that will add to your unique shopping of arts and crafts in Branson. From apparel, gift, specialty, toy, book and jewelry stores, your shopping experience at the Grand Village Shops provides a charming relaxing shopping venue that is unique in Branson.
So, if you want to see the artistic side of the Ozarks, why not check out some of the most visited places for shopping in Branson that offer a wide selection of arts and craft items.



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