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The Burger and Gyros of Baba’s

Date: 2016-01-05 12:00:00 am

The Burger and Gyros of Baba’s


Burger and Gyros of Baba’s If you’re looking for a great restaurant that offers high quality food and personal service, visit the Burger and Gyros of Baba’s in Branson. Dining in Branson not only offers a fun experience but of course, awesome food at Baba’s Burgers and Gyros as the place offers the best in burgers, hot dogs, gyros, chicken sandwiches and more. This family owned company has several locations in the U.S. with outlets in Missoula, Mont; Branson, Mo.; and Estes Park.  Co-owner Stasi Keramidis says the same deal can be enjoyed in Manitou: burgers and gyros.

The father of Keramidis arrived in the U.S. on a boat from Greece in 1969 and soon started to work as a dishwasher. “Knew hardly any English and just worked his tall off and saved all his money and bought his own restaurant when he was 18,” says Keramidis. “And then he’s been doing it ever since. He’s retired now.”

Keramidis, 41, assures customers that, “The gyros is the real one on the cone, on the vertical broiler.” “It’s actually Devanco out of Chicago. There’s three companies that do it, and Devanco’s the best. A lot of people use Kronos and I don’t like it as much. It’s tough. This is better, I think.” The burger patties used in this restaurant are ground fresh daily. The fried zucchini, pickles, onion rings and fries arrive in the restaurant frozen. “But we have, I think the best frozen ones there are,” the owner says, “skin-on and they’re coated with an actual potato starch that makes them crispy.”

In the restaurant, customers can enjoy  100-percent elk or buffalo burgers, as well as grilled cheeses, corn dogs and a quarter-pound hot dog. When Keramidis was asked what is the typical Baba’s experience is like. He said, “I may be biased, but every time I eat [a burger], I’m like, ‘Man, that was the best burger I’ve ever had.’ You’re like, ‘Man, that was so good.’” And the chicken breasts are really tender and yummy. A really good meal can be expected in this restaurant. And everybody who works here is expected to be friendly, so every customer can feel an all-round good experience.

Dining in Branson especially at Baba’s Burger and Gyros, can be awesome with great food quality and personal service. This place offers the best gyros in Missouri and has a very friendly staff, providing quick service. Not only the best burger in town but the prices are great as well. The zucchini sticks are very good and the gyros served here are amazing. Fried pickle spears and fried mushrooms offered here are excellent. The products in this restaurant are all fresh and they are always willing to give a discount.

Baba's is a must go when you visit Branson! The food here is always fresh and amazingly delicious. Make sure  you order Greek fries, you won't be disappointed! And they also serve a gyro and cheeseburger, which is by far the best in Branson.

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