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The Cowboys that Sing like Pavarotti

Date: 2017-04-03 07:00:00 pm

The Cowboys that Sing like Pavarotti


shows in BransonThe Texas Tenors are some of the fascinating shows in Branson where visitors can watch incredible trio as they perform some of their most popular songs in a 2-hour show that you won’t want to miss. The fabulous entertainers were viewed by millions on the hit TV show America’s Got Talent, now don’t miss the chance to relive their classic performances, including brand new material in Branson. The singing trio consists of Marcus Collins, also known as “The Contemporary Tenor,” JC Fisher, known as “The Romantic Tenor” and John Hagen, known simply as “The Tenor.” Each of them has immense talent in their own right.

The tenors have not only achieved fame from their participation on America’s Got Talent, they’ve also gained popularity from the success of their first and second albums and subsequent stage performances.  More than just an average country band, The Texas Tenors’ unique music is a combination that cross genre boundaries and creates melodious tunes that are truly incredible. Their debut album, Country Roots-Classic Sound was described as the best of their music and topped #1 on both classical and country charts.

The tenors have been known to sing twists on The Rolling Stones and Miley Cyrus as well as John Denver and Puccini. With their unique music, The Texas Tenors have achieved inspiring commercial success. Their music and personalities took the world by storm from their first appearance on the TV program that catapulted them into the international spotlight and gained the hearts of millions around the world.

These popular singers are touring across the country and will be visiting Branson, so be sure to get tickets early. For a fantastic musical experience in Branson that will make you question the boundaries of current genres, don’t miss to check out the incredible three Texas Tenors.

The Texas Tenors still continues to be one of the most popular shows in Branson. Ever since America met the extremely talented and exceptionally talented trio of charming troubadours on America’s Got Talent, they’ve been delighting audiences with great songs from several genres of music, including gospel, country, pop, Broadway-style, and even classical. As the trio are classically trained, they bring a different singing perspective. The music harmony they create lends itself perfectly to classic songs like Unchained Melody, Shenandoah, Rocky Top, and the opera aria, Nessun Dorma. Most of their achievements include original music and a handful of staple songs.

Stage show and television audiences and industry professionals love The Texas Tenors as evidenced by their five nominations that included three wins in 2013 for their PBS special, You Should Dream. Everyone loves to hear the trio any time of year, singing everything from country ballads to opera’s favorite areas. Their kind of music is like the mellow sounds of John Denver and the classic hits of Alabama as they share some of the most-loved country songs of all time.

So, if you want to see an incredible singing group that can sing like Pavarotti, don’t miss to watch The Texas Tenors in Branson. 

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