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The Famous Cars From the Hollywood Movies

Date: 2015-11-16 12:00:00 am

The Famous Cars From the Hollywood Movies


Celebrity Car Celebrity Car Museum in Branson is one of the most visited attractions by car enthusiasts who want to see famous cars featured on Hollywood movies. Visitors to the museum who recognize a car featured in one of their favorite movies or television shows, make them easy to imagine their presence with the star of the show where they feel an electrifying enthusiasm. So to pose with a car of such distinguished popularity for a once in a lifetime photo opportunity is a memorable experience to take home where they find it exciting like meeting a famous Hollywood celebrity.

This car museum hosts anywhere between 85 to 100 cars at a time and has exhibit of a large variety of classic cars, muscle cars, and street rods. Most of the car displayed in the museum is open for sale, therefore if a car is purchased, it opens up for a new famous car to display. Because of the ever-changing display of Celebrity cars in the museum, you will never know that on your next visit, you might find your favorite car.

The Celebrity Car Museum in Branson is a perfect place to spend a couple of hours with the whole family that features  a Velvet Collection with a wide display of celebrity owned cars, exotic cars, and cars featured in movies. Feel the excitement in the air as you stand next to famous celebrity cars like the 1982 Trans Am in the Knight Rider TV show with famous star David Hasselhoff. Most of the 100-car inventory includes a variety of classic cars and street rods among the Hollywood stars which include Steve McQueen’s motorcycle and General Lee with John Schneider’s signature across the dash. Another fascinating famous car on display is one of nine 1950 Lincoln Limousines, that was custom built for President Truman and through the Eisenhower and Kennedy administrations.

The museum is one of famous attractions in Branson where you can see great display of movie vehicles featured in “Batman’’,  “Men in Black’’, “Back to the Future’’, “Deep Impact’’, and “Smokey & The Bandit’’. The museum displays cars of celebrities that include actors like James Brown, Anna Nicole Smith, Steve McQueen, and Andy Griffith. Some of the highlights of the visits to the museum include the 1939 Packard Safari, used by Winston Churchill for Big Game Hunting in Africa and Paul Harvey’s 1938 Nash.

This famous car museum in Branson really gives visitors a wonderful and memorable experience with celebrity cars where they find it exciting like meeting a Hollywood star. Please note that the stocks on display in the showroom are often replaced with new ones which means you will see new exhibits the next time you visit. Most of the visitors who are real motor enthusiasts, often return to visit the museum because it always adds a new display of vintage vehicles.   

So, if you want to see a great display of vintage cars of famous Hollywood celebrities as seen on Hollywood movies, visit the Celebrity Car Museum in Branson.

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