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The Fresh Cuisines of Branson’s Oldest Restaurant

Date: 2016-04-20 12:00:00 am

The Fresh Cuisines of Branson’s Oldest Restaurant


Branson CaféBranson Café is a unique restaurant in Branson which offers good, old-fashioned home cookin’ with the famous Ozarks hospitality that started way back in 1910. This beautiful restaurant in Branson is one of the oldest restaurants in the area and the most popular place to dine. Inside the restaurant, you will be welcomed with friendly greetings that have been practiced by employees for decades. The great offerings of Branson Café include hot open-face beef sandwiches, burgers, enormous cream and meringue pies, biscuits and gravy, and much more. If you are longing for that dining experience of yesteryears, you’ve found the right place.

As Branson Café has been around for more than a century, this great restaurant in Branson had a lot of time to get that perfect traditional home cookin’ in the Ozarks. And the fact that the restaurant is still going strong it means that Branson Café has got something right. This small dining place is located along the area with dozens of other small businesses on Main Street. The ambiance of the restaurant is quaint and unassuming and definitely has an old-timely experience that will make you feel so relaxed and comfortable.

Once you are seated by one of the staff in the restaurant, you will be given ample to time to look over the menu with a large selection of the restaurant’s classic home style cuisines. One you will love in this place is that it offered breakfast even after 11 a.m. A long-time lover of breakfast will surely love the place, as anyone can always order anytime scrambled eggs, sausage patties, hash browns and a biscuit. You will also find the biggest cinnamon roll here.

As you try your first meal in this restaurant, there isn’t a thing in your plate that you will not enjoy. The scrambled eggs are cooked to perfection, the hash browns have the right amount of softness and crunchiness, sausage patties are full of flavor and not overcooked and the biscuit is fluffy and moist. At Branson Café, you will certainly enjoy your breakfast for dinner. And the great atmosphere of this dining place is the one that will encourage you to sit back and enjoy your meal at your own pace. It’s in this place what you’d exactly expect from an old-time country town like Branson. This great restaurant is touted for everything that is made from scratch.

This cute little quaint restaurant in Branson is a sure pleaser to both locals and tourists. The food served here is nothing but great and always sizzling hot ready to satiate your hungry tummy. Chicken and dumplings served in this café are always fresh. Coffee lovers will also feel right at home and for those who love desserts, you will surely love the place because the sweets here are awesome.

If you are looking for a restaurant in Branson that offers traditional, old-fashioned home cookin’ that started way back more than a century ago, dine in at Branson Café. 

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