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The Good Ol’ Taste of an Old Fashioned Burger

Date: 2016-03-02 12:00:00 am

The Good Ol’ Taste of an Old Fashioned Burger


Burger Shack A great Branson dining experience can be enjoyed best if you dine at Burger Shack which brings the taste of the old fashioned freshly made burgers. Burger places in Branson may be plentiful but they are all different. The fresh potatoes of Burger Shack are stacked in boxes in the dining area which make easy to serve fresh-cut French fries. At Burger Shack you will enjoy a huge variety of toppings on your burger. With endless toppings to choose from, they can easily prepare your ideal combinations to make a delicious burger. This burger restaurant has about 20 free toppings which allow you to order as many as you’d like.

The bun served at Burger Shack in Branson is not your ordinary bun. It is served fresh, warm, soft on the inside, and a little harder on the outside. Although you can find many good places in Branson that offer great shake, the shake at Burger Shack is on top of the list and is really great. At Burger Shack, you will find the meat good, thick, and juicy which is incomparable to any burger shop in Branson.

Burgers are the usual food to eat whenever a person becomes hungry. And everyone wants a good burger. The making of great burger at the Burger Shack involves freshness and high quality ingredients. Every burger served at Burger Shack is made from 100 percent fresh and locally ground chuck which is always fresh, never frozen and only cooked after it is ordered. This would normally take eight minutes and is one of the reasons why many visitors prefer Burger Shack than other burger shop. Another great feature of Burger Shack is that they offer free peanuts while guests wait for their order.

The burger usually served at Burger Shack is just under a quarter of a pound uncooked. Gentlemen usually prefer to get doubles while ladies prefer singles. The cheeseburger with mayo, green peppers and grilled onions along with an order of fries and diet cook is big enough not to be missed. When you order burger there is a list of about 15 condiments and other mixes that you can top on your burger like catsup, mayo, mustard, lettuce, tomatoes, mushrooms, grilled onions, green peppers, and more. Possible combinations are endless and you can even add as many as you want without any additional charge.

The burger’s bun is warm, soft, not soggy and really adds to the overall enjoyment of the burger. The making of a great bun is what makes Burger Shack burger unique and special. Their milk shakes are made the old fashioned way. It is made from ice cream, not mixes, and is hand dipped. This burger place also has a full selection of soft drinks and bottled beers.

If you want to experience the good old taste of an old fashioned burger, visit the Burger Shack in Branson, MO where you will enjoy its freshly made burgers, fries, and shakes.

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