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The Heart-Captivating Talents of AYO starring Voices of Glory

Date: 2018-02-04 12:00:00 am

The Heart-Captivating Talents of AYO starring Voices of Glory


Branson showsThe “Ayo starring Voices of Glory” is one of the most captivating Branson shows to perform at the Andy Williams Performing Arts Center & Theatre from April through December, with performances every Thursday at 10 am, 2 pm, or 8 pm. Voices of Glory is a group of three siblings, Michael, Avery, and Nadia Cole who are on a mission to change the world through their unique style of singing and inspirational message. The songs they perform range from original compositions to pop, soul, oldies, gospel, and more.  This talented trio finished in the top five on season 4 of America’s Got Talent, and became a fast favorite of judge, Sharon Osbourne.
The singing career of the Cole siblings began after their mother met a serious car accident.  After facing a family tragedy, they took to the streets and started showing their talents, impressing audiences everywhere. After their famous appearance at America’s Got Talent, their incredible talent spreads across the world. When their touring days concluded, the Cole siblings found their home in Branson and continue to entertain audiences daily. Their singing ability, charm, good looks, and an endearing politeness that’s rare these days has made the AYO Starring Voices of Glory a popular staple on the list of Branson shows you don’t want to miss.
After the Coles made it to the Top 5 on the NBC hit show “America’s Got Talent” in 2009, they saw opportunities. They then appeared on all major television networks with special guest appearances on Fox News, the Jim Bakker Show, and the Bobby Jones Gospel Hour. Mr. Andy Williams personally selected them to be in his annual Christmas Show. They were also featured in People Magazine, MTV Chatroom, Jet Magazine, and USA Today. They have also performed in venues all across America including the Grand Ole’ Opry Entertainment Complex, Madison Square Garden, American Airlines Arena, Music City USA Auditorium and the Apollo Center. They were also featured at an international concert in Germany and have performed in the world renown “Drums of the World Festival” in South Africa.
After touring several times in 2012, the Voices of Glory found a home for their show, “AYO”, in Branson, MO, where they have had phenomenal success, collecting accolades such as “Best Matinee Show” and “Young Female Entertainer of the Year Award” (Nadia) along with a slew of other nominations. Their stay in Branson allowed them to record multiple albums as well as author their autobiography, Higher Than Me.  “We have been given a unique opportunity to deliver a message of hope through our music,” says Michael Cole, “and it is a challenge that we do not take lightly.” Voices of Glory is an accomplished group of musicians, and this is the beginning of the great things that will come from these talented siblings!
So, if you want to watch one of the most captivating Branson shows, be sure not to miss the “AYO starring Voices of Glory” at the Andy Williams Performing Arts Center & Theater.



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