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The History of Golf

Date: 2015-12-15 12:00:00 am

The History of Golf


Nobody really knows where this wonderful sport called “golf’’ started. Some experts believe golf was first played in the 13th century in Scotland. Golf was originally restricted to wealthy, today it’s open to anybody who can afford the expensive equipments and other costly fees. The history of golf shows that it rapidly acquired popularity that eclipsed the older sport of archery. Archery was vital to the national defense of Scotland. During that time, playing golf in Scotland was a criminal act punishable by hanging.

history of golfThe first sign of playing golf among the population in Scotland was in 1457. The Scottish called the game “gouf’’ which was referred to in Acts of Parliament under the Scottish King James II. The first record of a golf match occurred in 1504 between James IV and the Earl of Bothwell. Mary Queen of Scots was criticized for playing golf in the grounds of Seton House after her husband’s death in 1567. The history of golf has many interesting facts such as the lawmakers are banned in playing golf on Sundays in 1592. The feathery ball was first mentioned in 1620. This ball was a leather casing stuffed with the feathers of birds. Wooden spheres golf balls were played prior to using feathery balls.

The first organized golf club in the world was the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers founded in 1744. Now based at Muirfield near Edinburgh, they were responsible for writing the first set of official rules of golf playing. The game of golf was later expanded and developed by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews in Scotland in 1754. This club held the first “open’’ tournament with the first prize of a silver cup. The game’s chief lawmaker was the Royal and Ancient who was also historically responsible for determining that the standard round of golf is made up of 18 holes. The Royal Calcutta in India was the first golf club founded outside of Great Britain in 1829.

Now that you know some facts about the history of golf, you might want to try this wonderful sport at Thousand Hills Golf Resort in Branson. Thousand Hills Golf Resort is home to the most popular 18-hole golf course for many good reasons. Thousand Hills Golf Course was voted as the Best of the Ozarks for Branson Golf Courses by the readers of the Springfield News Leader. This award winning golf course in Branson ensures golfers that the tees are challenging.

The convenient location, affordability, and relaxing atmosphere offer locals and tourists alike a unique way of playing golf at Thousand Hills Golf Resort while partaking the beauty of nature and fascinating landscapes around the Ozark mountains. The majestic design of Thousand Hills Golf Course by Robert E. Cupp features large Crenshaw bent grass greens, beautifully maintained Zosia fairways and beautiful landscape.

The convenient location and relaxing atmosphere in a calm environment of the golf facility of Thousand Hills Golf Resort make the place the best golf course in Branson.

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