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The Home of the World Famous Steak Burgers

Date: 2017-06-19 12:00:00 am

The Home of the World Famous Steak Burgers


dining in BransonJackie B. Goode’s Uptown Café is a great place to experience 1950’s style of dining in Branson. This restaurant has been continuously serving the public since 1993. The café is in like-new condition, completely smoke-free and considered as one of the cleanest restaurants in Branson. This is one of the few dining spots in Branson that stay open late up to 11 pm daily. Jackie B. Goode’s Uptown Café in Branson is a great place to relax and indulge with the world-famous steak burgers after the show. Although the café is family oriented, guests can still enjoy beer, wine and pre-mixed cocktails seven days a week.
This fascinating café in Branson features 50’s-60’s theme with Rock & Roll music playing on the jukebox near the old time soda fountain where you can enjoy shake, malt, sundae or bananas split among other concoctions. The café has a large common area where guests can group together to see the most beautiful stage in Branson where live musical presentations are performed daily. Fronting the café, you’ll find little yellow taxi cab, a 1953 Henry J. It’s America’s first compact car and one of 120,000 produced cars from 1949 to 1953 by the Kaiser Frasier Corporation.
When you dine at Uptown Café, don’t miss to try one of their popular steakburgers with fries, and top it off with a treat from their old fashioned soda fountain. Take time in exploring their menu, there’s a variety of sandwiches, soups, and other diner favorites. They also offer a wonderful breakfast buffet in the morning. The fabulous 50’s dining experience inside the café would not be complete without music. Here you will discover talented Branson entertainers throughout the week to serenade you with contemporary to classic country songs from a variety of singers, plus a little bit of rock ‘n roll, and a few hearty laughs for a night of fun.
The two great dinner shows are hosted on the Jackie B. Goode’s stage. The Tribute to George Strait Dinner Show in the evening, starring Gordy and Debby offering a nice choice for dinner of four tasty entrees. In the afternoon, you’ll enjoy Absolutely Country, Definitely Gospel. If you’re after a really good meal, don’t miss the excellent lunch and dinner selections that are sure to satisfy your taste buds like Steakburgers, All Beef Hot Dogs, The Triple Decker BLT, a Fish & Chips Basket, Hawaiian Chicken, and the “Love Me Tenders” deep-fried chicken tenders with savory sides.
Jackie B. Goode’s Uptown Café & Dinner Theatre is a rare dining venue in Branson that really has it all – great food, delicious desserts, excellent shows, and a nice line-up of live entertainment provided by seasoned Branson entertainers. On top of all this, the café was established in honor of the owner’s brother, an American hero who sacrificed his life in Vietnam while serving his country.
So, when dining in Branson, bring the whole gang to this family friendly café where great food and entertainment go hand-in-hand.



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