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The Legend Brought Back to Life

Date: 2017-07-15 12:00:00 am

The Legend Brought Back to Life


Watching a live music show in Branson is an exciting activity to do if the songs that are performed on stage are some of your favorites. If you are a fan of country music, you may not want to miss “Ben & Noel Haggard and The Strangers” on Branson stage this coming September. For fans of the late country music great Merle Haggard, don’t miss to see Ben and Noel Haggard and the Strangers as they bring back the music of their legendary father. As the youngest son of Merle Haggard, Ben is no stranger to country music, in fact, he’s been the lead guitarist in Merle’s longtime band of the same name for the past eight years.
live music show in BransonBen Haggard was a regular on Merle Haggard’s recordings and since Merle’s death he hasn’t missed the music left by his father, passing on the legacy of his dad’s music with brother Noel and the Strangers. If you’ve heard Ben Haggard played guitar with his father, you’ll agree that his talent is undeniable. It’s only recently that he discovered his singing voice, that while it is passed through genetically from his dad’s well-worn voice, it adds own fresh take on songs like “Sing Me Back Home,” “Heaven Was a Drink Of Wine,” “What Am I Gonna Do With the Rest of My Life?” and “Workin’ Man Blues.”
As for Noel, who grew up as the son of a man who has defined country music’s possibilities, he gained musical experience that completely display the music he sings about – and does it with the same natural phrasing and richly baritone that one would expect from someone with such popular surname. The incredibly musically talented sons of the late legendary Merle Haggard are carrying on that legacy with a limited number of tour dates in 2016 as they hit the road with Merle’s legendary band, The Strangers.
That 2016 tour made a stop at the beautiful Chantilly Farm in Floyd, Virginia on Saturday, September 17 in an outdoor concert celebrating the tenth year of the Floyd Livestock and Country Fair. If you are fond of listening country music, then this is one show that you won’t want to miss.
At 23 years old now, Ben Haggard learned to play guitar at 11 years old then later took the stage with his dad at the young age of 15. Enjoying the music as a family affair, Ben toured with his father and mother Theresa Haggard traveling across the country every month. Ben plays on a variety of Merle’s records and took the stage with “The Highway Men” on the Grammy’s in 2014. Ben also has played guitar for the “All For The Hall” show in 2012 where he played beside a couple of his idols, Vince Gill and Keith Urban. Ben Haggard likes to spend his down time pickin’ guitar and also enjoys singing.
Currently, Ben and Noel Haggard continue their father’s legacy by paying tribute to him, singing and playing the music of their legendary father.



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