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The Living Snowflakes of the Butterfly Palace

Date: 2015-12-14 12:00:00 am

The Living Snowflakes of the Butterfly Palace


White Flight Butterfly Palace and Rainforest Adventure is a fascinating place in Branson that offers spectacular attraction of White Flight that features thousands of white butterflies which become magical like living snowflakes.  At the Butterfly Palace, you can have the opportunity to see white butterflies and hundreds of poinsettias that combine twinkling light displays. The colorful garden is accented by colors of red and glittering lights as thousands of white butterflies skipping in every direction and creating the illusion of light snow fluttering through the air.

White Flight Attraction in the Butterfly Palace is Branson’s spectacular holiday event that displays unique exhibits for the holidays from November 1 to January 15. This great spectacle of white butterflies amid a rainforest that is sparkling with hundreds of bright flowers, twinkling lights, living statues of angels, and great holiday music will surely make your day a memorable one. Visitors to the palace will enjoy a tropical experience that brings educational and entertaining family expedition. As you walk around in the garden of the Butterfly Palace, you will be entertained by gorgeous butterflies in an extraordinary environment. Inside the palace, you can get the chance to watch a 3D movie about the life of the butterfly.

There are also other great attractions at the Butterfly Palace that include Rainforest Theater, Living Rainforest Science Center, the Banyan Tree Bungee Adventure, and an Emerald Forest Mirror Maze. You will also find inside the Butterfly Palace the Butterfly Aviary that features living exotic butterflies that share the collection of unique botanical species and other collection of rare tropical birds.

White Flight attraction show starts in the theater with the viewing of a film of interesting and exciting 15-minute movie on the life of a rain forest butterfly. After the showing of the film, the guests will go to the aviary where they can get up close with thousands of butterflies. This White Flight spectacle of butterflies is also composed of 50 to 60 species of different brightly colored butterflies. This spectacular attraction also includes a unique feature presentation of the centuries old art form of living statues in the form of white angels. These angels present a picture of beauty and tranquility that moves slowly and subtly come to life.

The white butterflies featured in “White Flight” spectacular event in the Butterfly Palace are comprised with 20 different species of tropical white butterflies that include the most common butterfly the “Paper Kite Butterfly”, which is also commonly called as the “Rice Paper Butterfly” and the Orange Tip. The butterflies presented in all the exhibits are shipped to the Butterfly Palace by air express in the chrysalis (cocoon) stage from tropical rain forests. When these butterflies emerge from the cocoon, they will be released into the exhibit where they live out on average three week lifespan in a hostile free environment.

If you want to witness a spectacular display of white butterflies and colorful poinsettias featured in the White Flight Attraction, visit the Butterfly Palace and Rainforest Adventure in Branson.

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