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The Most Wonderful Place for Kids

Date: 2017-07-03 12:00:00 am

The Most Wonderful Place for Kids


The Track 3 at The Track Family Fun Park is one of the most fascinating attractions in Branson that features Kids Kountry where kiddie rides abound and never stop. Located at W. 76 Country Boulevard and across Andy Williams Theater, the Track 3 features a complete Kiddie Area just for the kids. This amazing amusement park is filled with great rides for kids such as go-karts, bumper boats, laser tag, video games, mini golf and much more.
attractions in BransonThe Track #3 at the Fun Park includes a two-story arcade complete with all the latest video and arcade games. The prices for most of the games are reasonable costing about 50 cents. The track also features a mini golf on site. So if you know something about playing golf, this is a nice stop for you to enjoy. During summer time, many outdoor rides are open, so check it out come summer season. You will really enjoy so much at this track especially the kids. So, if you’re in Branson and looking for a fun activity for the whole family that won’t hurt your pocket then be sure to stop by at Track #3 and other 3 track locations. 
If you look Track 3 from the street, you will easily notice the huge track called the Wild Woody that looks more like a wooden roller coaster than a go-kart track. Wild Woody is a high-rise wooden track that offers riders a great ride through hills with twists and turns. The height requirement for this ride is 58” tall and up for drivers and 36” and up for passengers.
If you want to have a blast together with the entire family, try the Go-Card with 160 credits on it. The entire family can share on one card – no need to buy more than one. With this card, you receive 50% off on any additional credits you purchase until December of this year. The credits on the card are valid on all rides and attractions, including arcades and kids’ rides. This card excludes the skycoaster, batting cages and The Branson Ferris Wheel. But you will receive a discount by showing your card on the skycoaster and Ferris Wheel.
There are other options offered at the Fun Park that include 2-Ride or 4-Ride Track Card. These track cards are valid on the high-rise/classic go-karts, laser tag, bumper boats/cars, batting cages and mini golf. Take note that the 2- and 4-Ride cards excludes the skycoaster, kids’ rides, The Branson Ferris Wheel and arcade games. These cards do NOT have half-price buying power like the Go-Card. You can purchase more than one of these cards. No matter what your age is, you’ll find the fun you’re looking for at the Fun Park. Kids want to act like grown-ups, and grown-ups want to act like kids. So, don’t act your age, just drive.
So, if you are looking for the most wonderful place where kids can enjoy utmost fun, visit the Track 3 at The Track Family Fun Park in Branson.



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