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The New Park at the Mountain Adventure Resort

Date: 2016-06-29 12:00:00 am

The New Park at the Mountain Adventure Park


mountain coasterBranson Mountain Adventure Park is a new adventure park in Branson offering brand new rides in the Ozarks. It is located along Highway 165 in a place used to be known as the “Butcher Hollow.” The project has extreme topography that includes a 400-foot elevation change, a zip coaster, zip lines and a ropes course called mountain coaster. A zip coaster is like a zip line but it’s not in straight line and more of a circuitous route that can make a curve travel. Scheduled to open this summer 2016 on Highway 165, Mountain Adventure Resort is an adventure park that covers the area’s thriving vegetation and rugged topography.

The park will incorporate a variety of thrilling adventure rides and may grow with demand and develop over an extended period. The first adventure ride at the Mountain Adventure Park will open this summer while the others will follow over a period of three to five years. Joel Hornickel, the director of Branson Planning and Development said, “They’re really trying to embrace the extreme topography and all the wonderful vegetation on the property.”  The 80-acre land where the park is located has been empty for years due to the 400-foot elevation change. However, Hornickel believes that the landscape will be perfect for all the upcoming attractions.

Mountain Adventure Park in Branson isn’t the only project to capture the adventure market in the coming seasons. On Highway 76, work is already underway for “Fritz’s Adventure” and there are also plans in the works for a 225-foot tower called “Big Foot,” in the same area. The resort will also have the opportunity to capture visitors that may be venturing from the strip to Table Rock Lake. The project may grow with demand and could one day build cabins for those wanting to stay overnight.

Other exciting attractions the Mountain Adventure Resort will feature in the future include stunt balloon bag jumping, ropes course, a bungle jumping facility, horseback riding, dune buggies, mountain coaster, alpine slide, synthetic skiing and snowboarding, carnival rides, and an air tunnel free fall. Members of Branson Planning & Zoning Commission are concerned with the residential properties close to the resort. The commission had agreed with a consensus to add a 25-foot buffer along any property boundary that is common with the R-1 1 Family that would provide undisturbed area where nothing could be developed within the buffer zone.

The project was approved unanimously among the Branson Planning and Zoning Commission, said Hornickel. Mayor Karen Best also expressed excitement about the project and said, “I think this project looks so exciting and I’m really happy to see us working together.” “The previously planned development, Butcher Hollow, was a very intense planned development in that highly dense residential component and highly commercial component with office uses, as well,” Hornickel said.

If you want to experience a new exciting adventure in the Ozarks, visit the Mountain Adventure Resort in Branson in a place used to be known as the “Butcher Hollow.”

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