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The Perfect Place for Virtual Reality Fun

Date: 2018-02-14 12:00:00 am

The Perfect Place for Virtual Reality Fun


Perfect Shot Virtual Realm and Gun Simulators is one of the newest Branson attractions that offers tons of fun and memorable experience for people who are enjoying a wonderful vacation in Branson. All the games offered at Perfect Shot are chosen specifically for a safe viewing experience for players of all ages. The beautiful part of playing games here is all ages can play simultaneously or one at a time while others observe.
Branson attractionsThe VR room at Perfect Shot includes great fun activities such as shooting, art, music, ocean habitat journeys, pirates, cave adventures, sword fights, eagle flying and much more. Young and old players are sure to find a game they will enjoy and remember for years to come. The exciting games that you can enjoy at the Simulator rooms include target and defense shooting practice.  Younger players can practice at saloon and private ship to improve their shooting skills but that is after a quick lesson on gun safety from their parents.
Some of the exciting games that you can enjoy with the Virtual Reality Games include The Last Sniper VR where you can travel back in time to WW2 and experience what it was like to fight as a soldier. The Sword Master VR will let you experience virtual reality sword fighting. You can test your skills with the blade against smart and interactive enemies and prove that you are the sword master. The Gunjack VR game will make you jump into your weapons turret and defend your planet against endless waves of enemies determined to blast you including all the crew into oblivion. With the Space Pirate Trainer VR game, you will fight off relentless waves of droids and you need all the weapons and gadgets.
Perfect Shot has two kinds of gun simulators. Simulator 1 is about hand guns. In this simulator, you will experience real life police “shoot-don’t shoot” scenarios where you have to decide in a split second how to shoot a bad guy without injuring an innocent hostage. The characters in this game will pop out from the roof windows, doors, and from the front gate from 3 different abandoned houses. Your job is to stop all threats in the surrounding community. This shooting game tests the ability to shoot both accurately and quickly. This fast-paced action game is performed with increasing speed, shoot /no-shoots and decision making.
Simulator 2 is about using rifles. This shooting game uses Laser Shot where you can shoot squirrels and acorns to earn points. Points earned will be multiplied when squirrels or acorns are hit without missing. Acorns hit earn 3 to 10 times more than the squirrels. The golden acorns are worth the most. When squirrels are hit after eating acorns, they turn into angels and fly away. Also included in this shooting game is virtual deer hunting without the icy cold weather conditions.
As one of the newest Branson attractions in the Ozark region, Perfect Shot Virtual Realm and Gun Simulators is a great way to experience virtual reality fun.



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