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The Perfect Shop for the Pepper Lovers!

Date: 2016-02-03 12:00:00 am

The Perfect Shop for the Pepper Lovers!


Whether you’re visiting Branson for a holiday or a local resident looking for a unique gift idea or you’re just doing a bit of window shopping, don’t miss to visit the new Branson Landing as you will feel it’s definitely worth your time as the place is known to many as the shoppers’ paradise in the Midwest. While you are spending a great time in Branson Landing, you may stumble at the Pepper Palace, a small shop filled with dozens of flavorful gourmet olive oils, salsa, hot sauce, BBQ sauce, seasonings and marinades, condiments and more. This great place is the pepper lovers’ dream come true.

Pepper PalaceAt Pepper Palace, there’s plenty to choose from an overwhelming amount of salsas including key lime salsa, mango salsa, peach salsa, cherry salsa and more or even mouthwatering butters, sauces and jellies that will compliment a variety of delectable food from well-prepared recipes. This great dining place was founded to be different, to prove that offering this unique food should be fun. To this end, its mission is to leave no chili lover’s yearning for heat unsatisfied, consuming every bit of a morsel on a plate, and for every customer to leave the restaurant not only satisfied, but impressed.

Pepper Palace established its first location with a small kiosk in a central Wisconsin mall in 1989. As the business prospered, it expanded to three other locations across the country including the 3,000-square-foot store, which is the country’s largest specialty spicy-themed store beautifully located in the Mountain Mall of downtown Gatlinburg. With the opening of Branson location in 2011 and making the freshest of ingredients, Pepper Palace offers customers an array of delicious food products, home décor, gift baskets, and kitchen items.

Pepper Palace at Branson Landing provides endless amounts of tortilla chips too, and you can sample the products yourself right in the store. So don’t miss to take advantage of the free samples. Taste some salsa or hot sauce or look for that perfect gift for your spicy food lover in your family or add to your collection of quirky aprons. Pepper Palace is truly a “one-stop-shop” for everything spicy, hot wing sauces, salsas, barbecue sauces, dip mixes, seasonings, and marinades to sample and purchase. Their overwhelming choice of hot sauces and hot seasonings will blow your mind and will certainly please your tummy.

As of today, Pepper Palace operates over 30 retail outlets in the US and Canada and plans expansion into the West, Northeast and Midwestern US and Central Canada. They also have plans for international expansion. The company has won hundreds of National Awards for excellence of its product and chili hot flavor. The palace also prides itself on exceptional customer service and professionalism, and maintaining that what they are doing is about giving a responsible, quality and prompt service for every customer.

So, if you are a lover of hot spicy flavors, don’t miss to drop by the Pepper Palace while you are shopping at the Branson Landing.

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