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The Place where Unbelievable Stuffs Never Stops

Date: 2017-03-08 06:00:00 pm

The Place where Unbelievable Stuffs Never Stops


attractions in BransonIf you are looking for a place that you can put on your list for your spring vacation in Branson MO, be sure to include Ripley’s Believe-It-Or-Not Museum as it brings you wholesome fun of excitement and unique entertainment where unbelievable things, trivia, artifacts, and incredible displays will surely astound you. This one-of-a-kind museum is one of the most incredible attractions in Branson where you can find an array of strange and unusual items that will amaze and mystify every visitor. This out-of-the-ordinary attraction in Branson has an odditorium that covers 12,000 square feet of oddities with more than 450 exhibits and eight unique galleries.

As one of the most visited attractions in Branson, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum features many unique items so unusual that visitors will always find it fascinating and amusing. In this area, you will find bizarre items on display that include shrunken human heads, an authentic vampire killing kit, and much more. Outside the facility, you’re sure to easily spot the unique cracked and split exterior of the building that represents the major earthquake of 1812 that caused the church bells ring in Philadelphia.

The museum is home to over 400 “unbelievable” artifacts, jaw dropping oddities, amazing illusions, world records, pranks of nature, cool and awesome works of art. You will also find in the museum the newest additions that include a full size stagecoach made from 1.5 million toothpicks and a pair of horses made from welded horseshoes. There are also African fantasy coffins, a picture of Jesus on the cross made from burnt toast, a laser shooting gallery and the wacky “spinning vortex” tunnel.

Your visit to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum in Branson allows you to see 5 unbelievable finds and countless collections of the world’s weirdest things. Some of these 5 cool finds in the museum include the World’s Largest Ball of String. This bizarre stuff is topping the scales at more than 6 tons.  This ball of string measures more than 42 feet in circumference and 13.5 feet tall. Toothpick Stagecoach is another unbelievable find in the museum where every inch of this Wells Fargo replica is made of 1.5 million toothpicks, to be exact.

 A Real Shrunken Head is the third unbelievable find in the museum and Ripley’s can prove it. It’s a normal sized human head that served as a trophy for its enemy. To know about it – you’ll have to visit the museum for that. Automobile Turned Incredible Hulk is the fourth unbelievable find that comes to life right here in the museum. This gargantuan comic book character is created entirely from recycled car parts and it weighs a whopping 300 pounds. World’s Largest Roll of Toilet Paper is the fifth unbelievable find in the museum that stands eight-and-a-half feet high and nearly 10 feet in diameter.

If you want to spend a wonderful vacation this spring season, don’t miss to visit Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum in Branson.

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