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The Satisfying Meal and Show at Dolly Parton's Stampede

Date: 2019-05-08 12:00:00 am

The Satisfying Meal and Show at Dolly Parton's Stampede


Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede Dinner Show in Branson is one of the most entertaining productions where you can watch a variety of exciting shows mixed with the biggest meals in a cool summer night.

The Dixie Stampede Dinner Show is a childhood dream come true of Dolly Parton that became a favorite night spot in Branson. The captivating performances in this show are something very unique and memorable for all guests where you will find north and south competition in many fun contests that everyone loves to watch.

Many of the enthusiastic show audiences hailed the Dixie Stampede as the most entertaining production that serves sumptuous dinner. This dinner show in Branson held in a 35,000 square foot theater was based on Dolly Parton’s remembrance of the friendly rivalry of contestants. The fascinating production of the show features dramatic lights and sounds, dazzling pyrotechnics, and a variety of live animals. Before the start of the Dinner Show, guests can have the chance to meet performers such as jugglers, magicians, and many other entertainers that will give you a full hour of exciting performances before the main show

In this fantastic dinner show in Branson, you’re sure to appreciate the captivating acts of many stuntmen, and talented women perform tricks on horseback. The perfect combination of special effects and spectacular musical productions creates one-of-a-kind production show you will never forget. Guests in this dinner show are sure to bring home great memories with the many captivating performances of a variety of artists and performers that you’ve enjoyed every bit of time.

dinner show in Branson

Your ticket to the fantastic Dixie Stampede Dinner Show in Branson includes a four-course meal that is served right in your seat as talented performers are entertaining you. The sumptuous dinner served in the show consists of a whole rotisserie chicken, barbecued pork loin, vegetable soup, herb-basted potato, corn on the cob, a home-made biscuit, and a delightful dessert. Vegetarian meals can also be requested which includes vegetable soup, a herb-basted potato, garden vegetable salad, corn on the cob, home-made biscuit, and delicious dessert.

As one of the world's most visited dinner attraction, the Dixie Stampede Dinner Show presents its most high-spirited performance ever. The Dolly Parton's Stampede comes alive with trick riders, beautiful horses, pyrotechnics, fantastic sound, a patriotic display of red, white and blue, and so much more. The Dixie Stampede's 32 magnificent horses and a cast of top-notch riders will thrill you with daring feats of trick riding and competition. Magicians, jugglers, and many other great performers will give you almost a full hour of entertainment before the main show! When you show up early, you get the chance to stroll the amazing Horse Walk and meet the four-legged stars of the show.

As the show is about to start, you will first see the fierce competitors and their beautiful horses. Choose which side you want to cheer as they are introduced. You will see them in several competitions including pig races, carriage racing, lumberjack relays, and barrel racing. When watching the riders is not your thing, you can enjoy the comedy of the cowboy Skeeter or see the waltzing performance by the ‘Belles of the Ball.’

In addition to the dinner show and delicious four-course meal, you can gain access to the Carriage Room pre-show which allows you to walk through the stables to see Paint, Palomino, Quarter Horse, and Appaloosa horse breeds. The beautiful Dixie Stampede Belles will direct you to the Carriage Room where you will enjoy great fun and comedy. In the Carriage Room, you will be served with soft drinks and peanuts while you wait for the main show to start. Also available in the Carriage Room include popcorn and fruity drinks served up in awesome Souvenir Boot Mug.

Don’t miss to experience the favorite rivalries, hilarious racing pigs, and many other competitions. As if that wasn't enough excitement, you'll even get to see a real buffalo stampede. After the showtime adventure, the show's patriotic finale is themed in bright red, white and blue. Horses, riders, singers, and dancers all pack the arena to create a glittering tribute to life in America. After the final performance, the show celebrates with the Grand Patriotic Finale.

So, if you want to see an exciting show mixed with a delectable four-course meal, you must watch the Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede Dinner Show in Branson where you will see north and south competition in many challenging contests.


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