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The Spooky Side of Branson's History

Date: 2018-09-17 12:00:00 am

The Spooky Side of Branson's History


Whether you believe in ghosts or not, when you join the Ghost Walking Tours of Branson, you’re sure to enjoy a unique outdoor fun in Branson. This ghost tour is family-friendly, so even if you bring kids around they’ll have a great time too. 
The tour will focus on more ‘haunted history’ than jump scares and ghouls, so you’ll learn something new. As you meet your tour guides, you’ll be whisked away for a spooky evening of ghostly stories and potential encounters with spirits.
outdoor fun in BransonAs Branson is home to a variety of ghostly stories and legends, the place will capture your mind and chill your spine. As you tour around the dark streets of Branson, you’ll learn all about these local haunted locations from your knowledgeable tour guide. 
Your tour begins across the street from the Branson Travel Office, where you'll check in and then you start on your adventure. Your guide will tell you all about the local legends and lore while they show you around the spooky streets after dark. Whether this makes you chill or not, you’re sure to have a great outdoor fun in Branson learning all about the haunted history in the Ozarks.
Ghost Walking Tours of Branson will let you experience a leisurely, spooky, after-dark walk through the streets and alleys of historic downtown Branson. This 90-minute walking tour takes you to some of the interesting and historical sites in Branson’s historic downtown district. 
Your paranormally knowledgeable guide will point out significant sights as you stroll through areas that are rich in mystery, legend, and history. The tour might allow you to visit the old downtown cemetery where Rueben Branson, the city’s founder, lies at rest, or you will learn about the fire that burned nearly all of the downtown business only four months after the city was incorporated back in 1912.
The tour may also include a stroll along the railroad to the sight of a 1930 shootout that brought dozen of law officers from around the country to Branson in search of the Fleagle Gang, who had been posing as chicken farmers in the area. 
In this ghost walking tour, you will learn the legend of the ghost that haunts the Historic Owens Theatre. When you join Ghost Walking Tours of Branson, you may experience something strange because spirits and ghosts can be unpredictable and can make you feel something different and unique every single time.
Although Ghost Walking Tours of Branson can get spooky, the guides will never leave you unattended and will do everything to help you feel safe and comfortable, especially if you feel that there are ghosts bothering you. They have their responsibility to ensure that all visitors will have a great time and that they finish the tour knowing amazing things and bring home memorable experience.
So, if you want to experience a unique outdoor fun in Branson, don’t miss to participate Ghost Walking Tours, so you can learn about the spooky side of Branson's past.



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