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The Taste of Italian Cooking

Date: 2016-02-19 12:00:00 am

The Taste of Italian Cooking


yummy pizzaBranson has plenty of Italian restaurants that offer visitors a wide selection of family dining options. Many of Branson dining spots feature buffets as well as eclectic eateries, chain restaurants, fastfood, and banquet facilities capable of seating up to 400 for conferences, conventions and other special events. In Branson, it’s easy to find Italian restaurants that offer sumptuous foods such as pasta, pizza, burger, steak, barbecue, and more.

If you want to satisfy your cravings for Italian cuisines, visit some of the best Branson dining places that offer authentic Italian dishes. Some of the Italian restaurants in Branson that offer delicious Italian cuisines include the Olive Garden, La Piazza Restorante Italiano, Rocky’s Italian Restaurant, Tony Z’s Restaurant, and Florentina’s Restorante Italiano.

One of the best Italian restaurants in Branson that offer delectable foods is the Olive Garden.  This Italian restaurant offers top three Italian menus such as Center Cut Filet Mignon, Pappardelle Pescatore, and the Italiano Burger. Center Cut Filet Mignon is made up of premium cut filet, seasoned with grilled Italian herbs, and served with parmesan-roasted asparagus. Pappardelle Pescatore is an Italian dish sautéed with shrimp, clams and bay scallops and served with fresh tomatoes, asparagus, and pappardelle pasta. The Italiano Burger is Olive Garden’s special lunchtime-only burger with fresh mozzarella cheese, crispy Italian prosciutto, arugula and marinated tomatoes with a garlic aioli spread, and parmesan garlic fries.

The new La Piazza Restorante Italiano is one of the best Italian restaurants in Branson that offer many great authentic Italian dishes. This restaurant offers great appetizers and a wonderful choice of wines to pair with your delicious meal. The excellent ambiance at La Piazza is where local visitors and tourists alike stop by for dinner or just for a drink and an appetizer in the bar. At La Piazza you can savor gourmet quality dishes that are made with the freshest ingredients.

At Rocky’s Italian Restaurant in Branson, you would never guess that the restaurant is one of the best treasures in Branson that boast great food and excellent service. This family run restaurant have been cooking up traditional Italian cuisine for years. The locals in the area crave for its delicious dishes, making it one of the best Branson dining destinations.

Another great Italian restaurant in Branson is Tony Z’s restaurant that offers authentic Sicilian dishes which are prepared daily while you are infused to some of the best Belizean spices, fresh market produce and local culinary favorites. Take a round trip ticket around the Mediterranean, North America, and the Caribbeans where the Chef brings culinary influences to your table. Florentina’s Restorante Italiano is another beautiful restaurant in Branson which is rated at number 1 in all aspects of the food service industry. In this restaurant, every dish is delivered promptly and is bursting with flavor.

A great Branson dining experience can be enjoyed best if you try to taste Italian Pasta and Pizza that is sure to satisfy your cravings of authentic Italian cuisines.

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