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The Taste of the Ozark Mountain

Date: 2016-01-04 12:00:00 am

The Taste of the Ozark Mountain


Billy Gails CafeSome of the delicious cuisines in the Midwest can be savored right here in the Ozark Mountain. Whether you’re looking for a great dining place to have breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you are sure to find your favorite from the many varieties offered right in the Ozarks. At the Lake of the Ozarks there are more than 100 reasons to dine out in the area’s 100-plus restaurants. Here, you will find contemporary gourmet creations by world-renowned chefs, tasty Ozark barbecue, all-you-can-eat buffets, down-home favorites, juicy bar-and-grill burgers, all types of ethnic offerings and much more.

Best of all, nearly half of the Ozark’s restaurants are located directly on the water which offer a fantastic view of the pristine lake. Here you can get the chance to marvel at the panoramic view or dine beside a secluded, scenic cove, while enjoying award-winning continental cuisine and superb wine, Ozarks-style barbecue, or fresh-caught catfish from the lake. Get the chance to step onto a river boat cruise, for dining and great atmosphere while viewing the beautiful lake. Off the water, you’ll experience great dining from hot dogs to haute cuisine, with frozen custard and other tasty treats available.

After a day of fun with great food at the Lake of the Ozarks, it’s time to enjoy a night out with friends or families. Lake-style nightlife includes music galore such as karaoke bars, listening country music, blues, jazz and rock-and-roll bands. You will also find in the lake, sports bars, mellow lounges, tiki bars, and lakeside hangouts, plus romantic moonlight cruises, live opry and comedy clubs. Other things you can expect from the Ozarks is the preserved Victorian architecture in a city populated by a contrasting mix of retro hippies and European fashionistas.

The Ozark Mountain is also considered by many backpackers as a popular wilderness destination. The place is great for foragers to collect wild edible foodstuffs to bring back home for dinner table. A little knowledge of edible plants is a good idea for backcountry trekkers, which ought them to bring more supplies in the event of an accident or getting lost. The berry is a classic wild edible food in the Ozark Mountain. The berry varieties include service berries, elderberries and the ever-popular blackberries and black raspberries. While the blackberries and raspberries are easily identified, great care must be taken in identifying elderberries and serviceberries as there are other plants with similar appearance that yield poisonous berries.

Trees in the Ozark Mountain are a great source of nuts, and there are plenty of these in the forests of the Ozarks. The red and white oaks both provide acorns, while there are both walnuts and black walnuts presents as well. Pecan trees can also be found in the area, especially in the well-watered areas near rivers and streams.

So, if you want to make  your visit to the Ozark Mountain awesome and enjoyable, don’t miss the tasty Ozark barbecue, juicy bar-and grill burgers, and a variety of ethnic offerings.

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