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The Taste of the Super Star Cake

Date: 2015-10-28 12:00:00 am

The Taste of the Super Star Cake


Dino’s 24 Karrot Cafe Beautifully located in Branson Landing Blvd. in Branson, Missouri, Dino’s 24 Karrot Café is one of the famous cafes in the area where you can enjoy scrumptious carrot cake. Local residents and tourists alike flock to this café to taste the delicacies from their “Celebrity Cakes’’, specialty blends of coffee and to their new gourmet sandwiches and soups. Its perfect location in a premiere shopping area and entertainment complex will give you the chance to see many of Branson’s entertainers including singers, dancers, and musicians eating their favorite sweet treats.

Dining in Branson is not only about enjoying sumptuous foods in many fine restaurants but also experiencing the sweet taste of carrot cakes at Dino’s 24 Karrot Café. The aura inside the café is as savory and chic like the treats they serve. From the classic timelessness of New York City to the warmth and class of Beverly Hills and the quaintness of European café, the blend of art and the ambiance of the place like a recipe, makes Dino’s 24 Karrot Café truly a fantastic place to dine. Aside from the café’s bakery masterpieces, it is adorned with modern art, Greek statues, and the costumes used in Dino’s world famous shows.

Dino’s 24 Karrot Cake offers a wide selection of cupcakes, cakes named for celebrities, brownies, gourmet sandwiches, pizza, soups, and Dino’s special coffee blends. The famous carrot cake served in this beautiful café was created by Branson’s piano master, Dino Kartsonakis and wife, Cheryl. The duo own and operate the café and cake making business that made them famous in sending delightful creation to celebrities across the country. The café is the ideal choice for cake loving people who want to enjoy the great taste of delicious cake and a steaming cup of coffee.

Dining in Branson can be enjoyed best if you try to taste the best carrot cake in the world at Dino’s Café. Once you set foot in this café, you’ll get to enjoy a selection of mouthwatering cakes and pastries and Dino’s signature blend of coffee.  If you haven’t tasted yet some of delicious confections offered at Dino’s Café, this is your chance to experience what some people and the media from across the country have been raving about. Gourmet Cakes from Carrot, Chocolate Fudge, Strawberry, Coconut Cream, Italian Crème, Red Velvet, Tropical Island, Lemon Crème, and much more – plus cookies, brownies, cupcakes, cake pops, and specialty coffees.

While the carrot cake is the best choice at Dino’s café, there are a number of equally decadent choices, all created by the Piano Showman himself. Try the rich and multi-layered chocolate fudge cake which is a dream of every chocolate lover. The red velvet is one of the specialties in the café while cheesecake lovers ask for more of Dino’s newest creation: 24 Karrot cream cheese cake.

The perfect location of Dino’s 24 Karrot Cafe in a premiere shopping area and entertainment complex gives you the chance to see Branson’s stars eating their favorite sweet treats.

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