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Things You Should Not Say to Golf Beginners

Date: 2018-07-09 12:00:00 am

Things You Should Not Say to Golf Beginners


When you are playing golf, you should avoid saying things to your fellow golfers especially if they are just beginning to learn the game. Any kind of noise doesn’t usually bother a golfer, be it music, the grounds crew doing their thing, a cart that comes to an abrupt stop, they’re all undistractive, but some words uttered to you by fellow golfers can distract your focus on the game. Here are some things that should not be told to you when you’re playing golf.
playing golfThe phrase “Look out for the water hazard on the left” that you can hear from your playing partner, hadn’t even noticed by you until it is mentioned – avoid saying this thing. Now it’s going to look like there’s a force pulling your ball to the complete opposite side of the course into that hazard.
“Put me down for a 6 there”. This shouldn’t be mentioned to put down for a specific number. Just put down for the score you actually totalled on the hole.
This phrase should not be uttered also to your playing partner, “I can’t believe I just shanked that shot! When’s the last time you hit a shank?”
Avoid mentioning this phrase also to your playing partner, “I’ve never seen anything better than a three-putt from the part of the green you’re on.”
It’s not also good to hear things like “I haven’t seen you hit a bad shot yet.” Your playing partner will be thankful for noticing. He’s going to dial one up for you right now.
Avoid mentioning this phrase also to your playing partner, “Have you been playing this entire around with just one ball? I’m impressed.” Your partner will be more impressed if you don’t lose the ball on the next shot.
“All you need to do is bogey this hole to shoot your career-best score.” Don’t say this thing to your partner. At around the 12th hole you realized how well you were playing today and have been doing everything in your power not to think about the score and take it all one shot at a time just like the pros ... until now. When the sun will rise tomorrow, you’re going to make worse than bogey on this hole.
“Great try for birdie giving it a run like that. But man, you have a knee-knocker left for par.” Yes, you can see with your own two eyes that you pretty much hosed yourself on an easy two-putt par. No need to pour salt on the wound. Now try to pull it together and stroke this 4-footer with all that positive reassurance dancing around in your head.
Lastly, don’t say this thing “Take your time”. Just as you address the next shot, when you fail, you might hear this phrase. This happens most often when you elect to finish out rather than mark your ball.
When you are playing golf, you should learn the things that you should avoid saying to your playing partners especially beginners.



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