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Three Mental Mistakes of Golfers

Date: 2018-04-20 12:00:00 am

Three Mental Mistakes of Golfers


playing golf in Branson

There are probably many golf players who are not aware that they often commit mental mistakes when playing golf in Branson. Most golfers lose way too many shots to poor mental decisions and not even knowing how to systematically approach each shot and control their emotions. Below you will learn three most common mental game mistakes that most golfers make and how to eliminate them.
Analyzing your swing or thinking about it while swinging is a common mistake of a golfer. Thinking more often about your swing on the golf course can be counter-productive to a good score, whether it be in between shots or during your swing. Too many thoughts on your swing usually creep in during a round when a few wayward shots are hit, and subsequently you will analyze the swing and attempt to correct the problems for the rest of the round.
What you don’t know is a lot of the poor swings are simply caused by tension, which increases with the more control over the swing the golfer attempts to have. The best swing thought is to simply trust the swing you have. If you need some help on not thinking about your swing, you can say something to help your tempo: like saying the words “one-two-three” – “one” for the back-swing, “two” for the down-swing and “three” for the follow-through. This should help eliminate the swing thoughts and maintain a smooth tempo.
Mental game mistake number 2 is about avoiding to think about score. Only think about it when you’re in a situation where you need to know your score for strategy, like during the closing holes of a tournament. Some of the best rounds in history have been shot while the player didn’t know what his/her score was. You’ll know that when you play your best, you may not care about your overall performance and you don’t judge it, you’re just enjoying playing the game and hitting good golf shots. This is the mentality you need during every round. Score is something that is external, uncertain and not completely within your control. Thinking your score while playing can create a roller-coaster of emotions. Mental game scorecard is a great way to shift your focus from outcome to process to play your best.
The third common mental mistake in golf is when you try to swing like somebody else, instead of trusting your natural ability. The desire to swing like someone else rather than playing with the swing you’ve already got won’t improve your game. Let’s say you want to play like your favorite tour player and you try to swing like him, so that rather than grooving your own ‘signature swing’ (your natural authentic swing that’s right for you) it may result to a weak and fiddle with your swing during the actual round of golf itself.
When playing golf in Branson the next time, try to avoid these three mental mistakes of golfers so that you can score much better on your game.



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