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Three Musical Legends in One Night

Date: 2017-05-24 07:00:00 pm

Three Musical Legends in One Night


Branson showsLegends Family Theater will host a one night performance show in Branson starring three musical legends T.G. Sheppard, David Frizzell & Jeannie Seely. To enjoy a magical time of great music in Branson with these three musical legends, make sure to check out this one night show. This show is different from other Branson shows as you will be treated to a thrilling night of country music with a live performance by the three singing stars.
These three music legends will present a family friendly show full of favorite hits. From Sheppard’s ‘Devil in a Bottle’ to Frizzell’s award winning ‘You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma’ and Seely’s ‘Don’t Touch Me’, this helped the trio mastered country music. This show is a must see for those who love country music. These musical legends are sure to impress everyone in the audience as they perform live at the Legends Family Theater in Branson. With many years of musical experience to their names, get ready to see them dance and sing along to some of their greatest country hits. 
T.G. Sheppard started his music career early after he dropped out of school and ran away from home to pursue a career in music at the age of 15. He first recorded in 1966 under the name Brian Stacy. He continued to work in the music field as an executive at RCA during the 70s. After signing with Melodyland in 1974, he started to develop his identity as a country music star. He went on to record several hit songs including, ‘Devil in the Bottle’ and ‘Trying to Beat the Morning Home’ as well as plenty of top ten hits. Early in his career, T.G. Sheppard performed for big-time acts like the Beach Boys, America, and the Animals.
Lefty Frizzell’s younger brother, David Frizzell is best known for his hit, ‘Gonna Hire a Wino’. David’s music career began in the 50s when he started touring with his older brother until the 60s. He signed to Columbia Records in 1970 after serving in the military. He has been a recording artist for Capital Records and has released plenty of singles. His work spans across over ten studio albums and innumerable singles. He also won the Country Music Association award for Song of the Year and Vocal Duet of the Year with his song, ‘You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma’.
 Fondly known as Miss Country Soul, Jeannie Seely has enjoyed a long music career as both a singer and a songwriter. She’s also found success as an actor and author. She’s the only third female to ever receive a Grammy Award in country music. She has held the dubious distinction of being the first to perform on the Opry stage while wearing a mini-skirt. Her songs have been recorded by many artists, including Merle Haggard, Ray Price, Willie Nelson, and Lorrie Morgan.
The one night performance show of the three musical legends at the Legends Family Theater is one of Branson shows to treat you to a thrilling night of country music.



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