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Tickle Your Japanese Food Craving Taste Buds

Date: 2016-06-01 12:00:00 am

Tickle Your Japanese Food Craving Taste Buds


If you’re having a wonderful vacation in Branson and whether you’re craving steak or sushi, try the savory taste of Japanese cuisines at the Wakyoto Japanese Steak and Sushi Restaurant. This great dining spot was originally called Wasabi but that name was changed a few years ago. The restaurant is owned by Billy Whang and he also works as sushi chef. Everyday you can find chef Billy doing what he loves at his sushi station at Wakyoto Restaurant.

Wakyoto Japanese Steak and Sushi RestaurantWakyoto Japanese Steak and Sushi Restaurant employ casual and friendly staff members who will be delighted to serve you tasty, traditional Japanese food ranging from fresh sushi rolls to great tempura and steaks. The restaurant serves good value lunch and dinner in bento boxes, with a wide variety of delicious dishes. This dining place also offers unique seating, including low tables and seats on the floor which provide a traditional Japanese feel. This Japanese dining spot serves both local and visitors alike and always ready to serve lots of fresh fish for lunch and dinner meals. Wakyoto is a local dining spot in Branson and many of the residents have already learned to use chop sticks lining on the walls of the interior.

This sushi restaurant in Branson is a nice place to stop by for a quick and tasty meal to eat. Children and adults alike will also love dining at this family-friendly Japanese restaurant, which offers great selection of delectable Japanese food. At Wakyoto, you are sure to enjoy great food to dine in or carry out. You don’t have also to worry about parking space. Fancy snacks can also be ordered, although at a higher price, but they are delicious.

Beautifully located right off the strip in Branson, Wakyoto restaurant is also a quarter mile from Grand Country Music Hall, a convenient location for a nice lunch/dinner before heading to a show. If you like Asian delicacy, you’ll love this dining place. Wakyoto is a full Japanese sushi bar and restaurant with a full bar that offers, wine, shake and mixed drinks. The sushi menu of this restaurant is expansive and coupled with fresh products, you have a delicious Japanese food. You will have options of incredible selection of varieties such as the Miami Breeze Roll (crab, cream, cheese, avocado, assorted fish); the Jalapeno Bomb (deep fried Jalapenos, spicy tuna and cream cheese); Pimp My Roll (California roll with baked scallops); and the Red Bull Roll (deep fried eel roll).

If you’re not a fan of seafood, the kitchen menu offers a variety of steak, chicken and vegetarian options so there’s no reason that you can’t enjoy your meal in this restaurant. If you choose chicken, go with the chicken teriyaki lunch plate which comes with a house salad, chicken teriyaki, steamed rice and a side of vegetables. The house salad is coated in a deliciously tangy dressing.

So, if you want to fulfill you cravings for the savory taste of Japanese cuisines, dine in at Wakyoto Japanese Steak and Sushi Restaurant in Branson.

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