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Tips on Maintaining Your Balance for a Better Golf Swing

Date: 2018-02-16 12:00:00 am

Tips on Maintaining Your Balance for a Better Golf Swing


Maintaining your balance for a better golf swing can be confusing because you can get conflicting advice from one golf instructor to the next.

Most golf instructors and golf books will tell you to set up on the balls of your feet as it’s a more athletic position. So, when you have been playing golf in Branson for a long time and still can’t maintain your balance for a better golf swing, then it’s time for you to learn the following tips on how to maintain your balance.

playing golf in BransonTry to Rock Forward, Rock Back

True balance is very easy to learn. Do this simple little exercise. Stand up straight in a natural posture with your feet underneath your hips. Keep your eyes open at first, then rock gently forward onto your toes. Don’t bend forward, just keep your body straight. Rock forward onto your toes, then rock back onto your heels. Repeat this exercise five times with your eyes open. Just be aware of the pressures that you feel in your feet. As you move toward your toes, you’ll feel your feet tense up, and as you move back onto your heels, you’ll feel your toes lift off the ground to help you keep your balance. Pay attention to these feelings as you rock forward and back.

Close your eyes

Repeat the first drill with your eyes closed. After you have repeated the drill five times, do it again with your eyes closed. Rock forward and back. You can observe for yourself where you feel balanced. Find out if you balanced when the weight is – out of your toes, back on your heels, or somewhere in between. The truth about this is that you will only feel true balance in golf when your weight goes right through the center of your ankle.

Find Your Balance Point

With your eyes closed, gently rock forward onto your toes, then rock back. Find the point where you settle in, just over the center of your ankles. Your feet is relaxed. Your toes won’t curl up in your shoes, and you won’t feel them lifting off the ground to keep your balance either. Now you will feel nice and balanced. That’s your true balance point. Your body is designed to work this way.

Balance point in the ankle

True balance point in a neutral posture is right over the center of your ankle. As you flex your knees and hinge from the hip, it will move slightly forward, in front of your ankles. When you try to achieve true balance in golf there’s a range, from the center of your ankle to like an inch and a half or so in front of that. This is where you're going to feel balanced, athletic and able to move.

So, when you want to maintain your balance for a better golf swing, try to learn the above tips, so you will succeed in playing golf in Branson.


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