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Tips to Improve Your Putting

Date: 2018-09-29 12:00:00 am

Tips to Improve Your Putting


If you are some of the golf enthusiasts who are playing golf often and want to level up your game, you need to learn some tips as they can help improve your putting. If you have a negative attitude as a golfer, it’s hard for you to improve your putting, but when you decide to be positive, you can certainly improve your putting. Below you will find some easy tips that can help improve your putting.
playing golfTip number 1. Lead with your left. If you shot a free throw with your right hand only, you’d realize you need your left hand as a guide. It’s the same thing on the greens: the left hand is the direction hand, and it’s just as important as the right. 
Try to practice putting with left hand only or have someone hold a club in front of your hands on the target line. Bump the grip with the back of your hand, not your fingers, like Dave Jr. is doing.
Tip number 2. You need to think roll, not hit. The key to distance control is to roll the ball, not hit it. When you do this, take an open stance, your weight slightly favouring your left side and your putter shaft leaning towards the target. 
The open stance makes it easy for you to feel the left hand going out and down the target line. The forward lean offsets the 4 degrees of loft, when recommend for a putter, it will help the ball roll smoothly. 
When you make the stroke, keep the putterhead low to the ground past impact. The putter will go up slightly, but don’t try to hit up on the wall – if you have been doing that way, that was wrong, because it makes the ball hop.
Tip number 3. When you use your fingers for putting, grip the putter any way you like, as long as it doesn’t hinder your left hand’s role in the stroke. But be sure to grip the club in your fingers. 
The shaft should run up the lifeline of your left hand for clubface control, but your fingers must contact the grip. Drop the right forefinger down the shaft, but don’t steer with it. Forget about what your palms are doing. Fingers equal feel.
Tip number 4. Spot the spot. If you stare at the ball too long at address, you may get brain-locked and hit a bad putt. This can be avoided by not looking at the ball. Try looking at a spot just in front of the ball on your target line and rolling the ball over that spot. 
Place a tee in the ground in front of the ball when you practice. This makes you think about the target line instead of the stroke – the opposite of what most golfers do.
So, if you are playing golf often and want to level up your game, try to learn these tips as they can help you improve your putting.



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