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Top 10 Attractions in Branson that Showcase the Beauty of the Ozarks

Date: 2019-02-27 12:00:00 am

Top 10 Attractions in Branson that Showcase the Beauty of the Ozarks


If you’re planning to spend a wonderful vacation in Branson this fall, don’t miss to visit these popular attractions in this favorite vacation destination in the Midwest as they can make your vacation in Branson unforgettable. Listed below are the top 10 attractions in Branson that showcase the beauty of the Ozarks.


  1. The Runaway Mountain Coaster at Branson Mountain Adventure Park is a great way to see the beauty of the Ozarks. The thrilling ride adventure you can experience with the Runaway is sure to complete your vacation in Branson. This fantastic Branson Mountain Adventure Park that showcases the beauty of the Ozarks gives you the opportunity to see picturesque scenery and beautiful wildlife around the park.


  1. Branson Scenic Railway is another beautiful attraction in Branson which offers a fantastic train excursion to the innermost of the Ozark mountains giving travellers the opportunity to see beautiful landscape of Branson and other scenic spots. The train travels 3 to 4 times daily to the Ozark Mountains on a 40-mile round trip traversing mountainous areas that are inaccessible to cars. As the one hour and 45 minutes train tour nears its end, you’re sure to have a great time viewing many interesting attractions such as theatres, live entertainment spots, outlet malls, and specialty shops.


  1. Showboat Branson BelleIf you are looking for an outdoor fun adventure along the pristine waters of Table Rock Lake, take a river cruise with the Showboat Branson Belle. This paddle wheeler boat will not only let you enjoy great sightseeing of spectacular sceneries around the lake but you’ll also enjoy live entertainment show onboard and delicious meal. As you take an exciting river cruise, you can have the opportunity to enjoy panoramic view of the Ozark mountains as the showboat travels along the lakeside.


  1. Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery is one of the most popular attractions in Branson where you’ll find it amusing to watch the fish go into a feeding frenzy when the pellets are thrown in the water. The fish hatchery is a great place to enjoy the outdoors that you can find near the Table Rock Dam in Taney County. When you visit the facility, you’ll learn some knowledge about fish hatchery or get to enjoy some fun on feeding fish.


  1. The Outdoor Drama at the Shepherd of the Hills Homestead is another fascinating attraction in Branson that is beautifully laid out in such a way that every audience enjoys a comfortable seat in the open amphitheatre. The drama features 80 cast members, 40 horses, and a real, burning building all combine to make the play leap in front of you in remarkable detail. Along the journey of the play you’ll learn the culture and history of the Ozarks that will leave you looking at every detail of the Outdoor Drama.


  1. If you want to try a unique outdoor fun adventure in the Ozarks that will truly let you see the beauty of the Ozarks, try a horse-drawn carriage that will take you back in time as you ride an old-time carriage. This will let you experience an elegant tour through historic downtown Branson and some scenic spots including lakeside areas of Lake Taneycomo, and many other tourist spots. This horse-drawn carriage attraction in Branson will get you to enjoy a 40-minute leisurely and relaxing ride experience like no other.


  1. Adventure Ziplines of Branson is a popular attraction in the Ozarks that offers a fantastic outdoor fun adventure. This zipline attraction in Branson is beautifully located within the city limits and only three blocks off of Branson’s famous highway 76 Strip. Launching from high atop the first 70-foot tower, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the beauty of the colorful rolling hills of the Ozark Mountains and spectacular foliage before zipping on to the rest of your adventure.


  1. The Tri-lakes Area in Branson is a great place that truly showcases the beauty of the Ozarks.The three lakes in Branson namely Table Rock Lake, Lake Taneycomo and Bull Shoals Lake are some of the best places to see the beauty of the Ozarks.  In these pristine lakes, you will always have the opportunity to see spectacular foliage around the lakeside whenever you spend a great time enjoying water sports activities such as fishing, boating, kayaking, and other water sports adventures in these areas.


  1. Beautifully located within Silver Dollar City theme park, Marvel Cave is another great place that showcases the beauty of the Ozarks. This limestone cave offers a one-hour tour that takes you 500 feet below the earth’s surface. Upon reaching the bottom of the cave, to give you a comfortable trip on going up, you will be brought back to the surface by riding on a 1957 cable train. In 1960, Marvel Cave became a favorite place to visit and by 1984, it became a popular tourist attraction.


  1. Known by the locals and visitors alike as Branson’s ‘Landmark on the Horizon’, the Inspiration Tower is one of the most fascinating attractions in Branson that can easily be sighted from many locations throughout the city limits of Branson. This massive 230-foot-tall structure is beautifully located on the Inspiration Point at the Shepherd of the Hills Homestead. As you come up to the top deck of the Inspiration Tower and by viewing the wide horizon, you’re sure to appreciate the beauty of the Ozarks.


If you are planning to take a vacation in Branson this fall, be sure to check out these top 10 attractions that showcase the beauty of the Ozarks.












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