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Top 10 Family Friendly Adventures in Branson

Date: 2019-03-01 12:00:00 am


Top 10 Family Friendly Adventures in Branson


Branson is not only a great place to enjoy a wonderful escapade with the whole family, it is also a favorite vacation destination for visitors who want to enjoy exciting ride and adventure tours at some popular attractions. Listed below are the top 10 family-friendly adventures in Branson that you can enjoy with the whole family this fall.


  1. Branson Jet Boats is one-of-a-kind attraction in Branson that offers the whole family a unique way to enjoy water adventures on the pristine waters of Lake Taneycomo.  This jet-powered boat departs from Branson Landing and will take you up and down the lake where the water splashes  on you as the boat travels on the lake giving you an incredible combination of spectacular scenery that you can see on the lakeside, a fascinating 360 spinouts, power stops and excellent maneuver of the captain.


  1. Branson Scenic Railway offers guests train adventure tour that will take you to the Ozark Mountains on a 40 mile round trip travelling to areas that are only accessible by train. This family friendly adventure tour takes an hour and 45 minutes to complete. While you enjoy great sightseeing in a first class dining car, you will be served with hot cocoa along with the delicious baked cookies and a gift of special souvenir mug. As the train tour is about to end and travels back to downtown area, you’ll get the chance to see many scenic spots.


  1. Horseback Ride is a family friendly adventure that’s great to enjoy as it will give you the opportunity to see expansive landscape of mountains, hills, valleys, and forests. With horseback riding adventure in the Ozarks, you will be able to see the beauty of Branson, spectacular scenery, and awesome trails. When you go on horseback ride in the areas, you can have the chance to see amazing waterfalls and fascinating rock formations.


  1. Kayaking on Lake TaneycomoKayaking adventure on the lake is a great family friendly adventure to enjoy in Branson. This water adventure is an awesome water fun activity that allows you to float down freely with the current without exerting effort on paddling every time. Kayaking is an exciting way to enjoy the outdoors especially when you travel downstream on the 27-mile long flowing lake that starts at the base of Table Rock Dam and reaches farther to Bull Shoals Lake in Forsyth.


  1. If you are looking for a unique way to enjoy family friendly adventure in Branson, take a river cruise on the pristine waters of Table Rock Lake with Showboat Branson Belle. This paddle wheeler boat will not only let you enjoy great sightseeing of spectacular sceneries that you can see on the lakeside but you’ll also enjoy live entertainment show on board and delectable meal. The two and a half hours river cruise allows you to enjoy great sightseeing on the lakeside while relaxing on any of the three decks.


  1. The Fall Foliage Walking/Jogging Tour that you can experience in downtown Branson, is a great family friendly adventure that will give you the chance to see the wonders of the fall season. This Fall Foliage Tour traverses along the 1.5 miles paved walking paths/sidewalks around Branson Landing which takes 50 minutes walking and 25 minutes jogging. As you take the tour, you’re sure to enjoy a great time as you see the autumn leaves burst into full color and the beautiful landscape that transform into delightful colors.


  1. If you are looking for a family friendly adventure in Branson where your kids will surely enjoy a great time, bring them to Branson’s Wild World. A combination of a zoo and aquarium in one location, Branson’s Wild World is a massive indoor wildlife attraction that is home to many kinds of sea creatures such as bull sharks, nurse sharks, the giant sea turtle, and many other animals on the zoo side that you can get up close just a few inches away from where you stand and a chance to feed them.


  1. The National Tiger Sanctuary offers family friendly adventure in Branson where guests can have the opportunity to see a variety of big cats such as the white tigers, lions, bears, mountain lions, panthers, Bengal tigers, and many more. Your visit to this zoo in Branson gives you the chance to enjoy a great time in a educational facility that is dedicated to providing you and your family to get as close as you can to the Big Cats. You can get as close to the cage in just three feet between you and these scary creatures.


  1. Butterfly Palace and Rainforest Adventure is another fantastic place that offers family friendly adventure in Branson where you can see thousands of beautiful species of butterflies. Here you will see a variety of colors of butterflies in the garden and the living statue that moves slowly and see her extend her hands for a butterfly to land. Inside the Butterfly Palace, you can have the chance to watch a 3D movie about the life of the butterfly. The palace truly gives every guest a tropical experience that brings educational and entertaining family expedition.


  1. Promised Land Zoo is another fantastic wildlife attraction in Branson where you can find hundreds of animals that represent 50 species from all over the world including kangaroos, antelope, lemurs, deer, tropical birds, large reptiles, and many more. The zoo started only with just a few animals, now it has grown to have over 500 animals and expanded to more than 120 acres of space. The zoo offers personal tour to visitors who want to get up close and personal with the animals.


So, if you are planning to spend a vacation escapade with the whole family in Branson, check out these top 10 family friendly adventures.













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