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Top 3 Kid-Friendly Restaurants Around Branson

Date: 2017-08-09 12:00:00 am

Top 3 Kid-Friendly Restaurants Around Branson


dining in BransonDining in Branson with kids can be enjoyed best if you visit kid-friendly restaurants that present a range of choices that are great for kids and with a long list of desserts and other sweet treats. Whether you like to order delicious food on the list of menu that is ideal for kids or on the buffet table, you are sure to have a lot of choices among the list of kid-friendly menu in a restaurant you like to dine in with the kids. Listed below are the top 3 kid-friendly restaurants that you and your kids want to experience a satisfying dining in Branson.
Dino’s 24 Karrot Cake Company is a great dining spot in Branson that is kid-friendly as the guests can have easy access to the patio to relax or stay inside the cosmopolitan-style café while enjoying the best cake in the Ozarks. Made with the highest quality ingredients, their delicious desserts truly satisfy the taste bud of every kid. While the carrot cake is Dino’s specialty, there are a number of equally delectable choices. Dino’s cake is chocolate lover’s dream come true in the rich and multi-layered chocolate fudge cake. The red velvet is a favorite of many loyal customers while cheesecake lovers can’t get enough of Dino’s newest creation: 24Karrot cream cheese cake.
Sugar Leaf Bakery & Café is a great dining place for kids in Branson as it offers the best cookie in town. The café owners Todd and Lori Jansen who originally come from a small farm town of Atkinson in Nebraska, has proven that with hard work, anything is possible. When they moved to Branson in 1996, their family business began to grow and experience new opportunities that are unique to Branson. Sugar Leaf made their first cookie in 2004.
When the demand of their cookie was beginning to grow, the couple knew they were in need of more space. They soon opened their first store in the Engler Block and hired their first employees but they still have to do the majority of the work within the family. As years passed by, rumors spread about their delicious treats and their business began to grow. Soon their customers have fallen in love with the family atmosphere, some become so satisfied with the flavorful recipes and some ask their help for their wedding needs.
Mel’s Hard Luck Diner is another kid-friendly restaurant where your kids are sure to have an enjoyable dining experience as the restaurant features talented servers and sometimes cooks and bus staff who will sing your favorite songs while serving you delicious food. Many of the staff in the restaurant, have been or are currently performing in some of Branson’s most popular shows. Some of the restaurant performers are professional, others are award winning entertainers, one of them has been included on American Idol.
So, if you want to enjoy a wonderful vacation with the kids this season, be sure you know where to find kid-friendly restaurant that your kids will surely love.



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