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Top 3 Must-Have Gears for Golfers

Date: 2017-03-04 12:00:00 am

Top 3 Must-Have Gears for Golfers


As technology continues to improve our lives, many of the golfers are trying to put away the old contents of their golf bag that are no longer of much use. There are now several staples that every golfer needs to bring along to their golf game. Below you will find top 3 must-have gears that you should need when you play for the next Branson golf event.

Fresh set of golf balls is the first must-have gear that you should have for your next golfing event. Playing with fresh golf balls is not just important, it is also imperative. In this case, you may need to use the latest models. Nowadays, golf ball manufacturers are making golf balls that feel soft at impact, yet offer great distance from the driver, fairway woods, and long irons. One good example of the latest golf ball is the Bridgestone Extra Soft Golf Balls, priced at $25.64 for 1 dozen one at Amazon.

Around the green, you will get plenty of suck-back spin action just like you see how the pros play. Bridgestone claims that their kind of golf ball offers a combination of soft feel and long distance, all in one ball. This golf ball is a low-compression model, meaning it will feel nice and soft at impact. This ball travels far off the tee box because it features a two-piece design. This model works seamlessly with respect to performance and durability.

Branson golfA golf glove is the second must-have gear you need when you play golf. Most golfers can’t play better without wearing a glove. Glove is essential for many reasons: it won’t let the club slip as compared to a bare sweaty hands; it can prevent blisters and calluses; it prevents the oils of your hands from prematurely wearing down your grips; it also prevents premature sun-caused aging of your hand; and most importantly to your golf game, a glove lets you relax your hand tension a bit. With your confidence of having traction on the club – a glove can help you take a more relaxed swing.

One example of a good golf glove is the Footjoy model, touted as the world’s top-selling golf glove. This kind of glove features a “FiberSof” microfiber along the fingers that enhance fit and good gripping capability. It can also keep your hand from sweating too much as it has a breathable, elastic mesh along the fingers and knuckles that allows airflow through the glove.

A golf bag is the third must-have gear that you need  as it holds all of your stuff. Sun Mountain, maker of the best bags on the market, offers all-new 2-Five stand bag. The bag weighs only 2.5 pounds, yet it’s a full-featured bag. It is lightweight, carbon-fiber legs are durable, and it springs out nicely. This bag won’t fall over from its standing position even when a wind blows.

When you plan to play golf for the next Branson golf event, be sure to know the top 3 must-have gears that you should need.

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