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Top 3 New Attractions to Rising in 2020

Date: 2020-02-21 12:00:00 am

Top 3 New Attractions to Rising in 2020


If you are planning to bring the whole family to spend a beautiful spring vacation in the Ozarks, you will be surprised to learn that there are new attractions in Branson to rise in 2020. Scheduled to open in Branson this year are the top 3 new attractions that you need to see on your next visit.

WonderWorks1. WonderWorks

Scheduled to open this spring 2020 at the former location of the Baldknobbers Theater, WonderWorks is a new interactive attraction in Branson that focuses on education and entertainment. As one of the latest attractions in Branson, it will offer more than 100 interactive exhibits and activities that will inspire guests’ imagination, logic, and creativity, and include a laser tag arena, glow-in-the-dark indoor ropes course, and more. WonderWorks has locations also in Pigeon Forge, TN; Syracuse, NY; Orlando, FL; Myrtle Beach, SC; and Panama City, FL.

A science-focused indoor amusement park, WonderWorks combines education and entertainment and features over 100 hands-on exhibits, perfect for visitors of all ages to explore. Here you can have the opportunity to feel the power of 71mph hurricane-force winds; you can also make huge, life-sized bubbles or experience zero gravity in the Astronaut Training Gyro. If you’re brave enough, you can lie on a bed of nails.

Hands-on activities that you can enjoy inside the facility focused on science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics. You will also see interactive exhibits about natural disasters, light sound, space, imagination, and more. This indoor park will also feature a physical challenge area and available only to Branson’s location. The challenge allows you to gain interactive military experience and see exhibits that give a nod to Branson’s rich history.

This new attraction in Branson has iconic exterior and features a grandiose house flipped upside down. WonderWorks also features a unique façade, a part of the park’s background story. Visitors of any age are sure to experience a family-friendly, out of this world experience, that can let them bring some fantastic memories. State-of-the-art experiences that visitors can enjoy at the WonderWorks include:

Interactive Sandbox is a great display where guests can experience land, sea, and safari in this futuristic exhibit.

Illusion Art Gallery allows guests to experience a plethora of optical illusion pieces that have been added to the gallery. It gives space between exhibits for guests to stop and challenge their mind and vision.

Xtreme 360 Bikes offer an exciting way to buckle into a bike and start pedaling. You will find it fascinating to generate enough power to make a complete 360-degree revolution.

Professor Wonder’s Adventure offers an interactive way to learn how WonderWorks came to be. It is a spatial augmented reality adventure where guests can enjoy a 3D experience that transforms the area they stand in, into an “unreal” experience where they will see the history of WonderWorks.

Bubble Room is a unique exhibit where every guest ages 1 to 100 will surely love this exciting activity. Guests can create bubbles the size of basketballs, blow bubbles through a bubble sheet, or make a bubble big enough for you to fit inside.

2. Mystic River Falls at Silver Dollar City

In summer 2020, Silver Dollar City will offer guests to experience a historic splash on its new attraction – Mystic River Falls. This freshwater ride features the tallest drop in the Western Hemisphere. This unique attraction coincides with the park’s 60th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee Celebration.

After it replaced the Lost River, Mystic River Fall will trek on a nearly half-mile journey before ascending on a lift equivalent to eight-story. Then, it will plummet down a four and a half story waterfall. It’s sure to give an adrenaline rush to everyone.

3. Aquarium at the Boardwalk

Also scheduled to open in summer 2020, Aquarium at the Boardwalk is the first aquarium attraction in Branson this year. Located at the site of the former Grand Palace Theater, this new attraction in Branson will take visitors on a journey through the oceans of the world. Guests of any age will enjoy this unique experience as they see close-up views of coral reefs, colorful fish, sharks, and so much more.

The aquarium also features a Jelly Fish Infinity Room, Amazing Rays Tank, and Mermaid Palace. Of course, as this attraction is geared towards family fun, there are also interactive activities to enjoy like a Touch Pool. This 46,000square-foot aquarium is full of incredible displays.

When you bring the whole family to Branson this year to spend a beautiful spring vacation, you will surely be amazed to see these top 3 new attractions in Branson that will open in 2020.


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