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Top 3 Wedges for Better Sand Shots

Date: 2017-10-14 12:00:00 am

Top 3 Wedges for Better Sand Shots


When playing golf in Branson, you need to have the right set of wedges for your game to get a better sand shot. Start off your golf game with the best golf wedges. Many golf professionals consider the wedge as the most important club in the bag. Wedges come in many varieties. The reason for this is that they perform differently. The varieties of wedges are mainly in the head (loft, sole size and shape, flange size and shape, bounce angle, camber), though other specifications such as lie angle, club length, shaft flex, grip size can also vary, of course.
Wedges are also designed by head size, weight, sole and edge shape so it can become effective in multiple ways. To enjoy the most of your time on playing golf in Branson, use the top 3 wedges: Cleveland RTX-3, Titlest Vokey SM6, and Ping Glide. These wedges can help you take a normal setup, make your regular swing and blasting the ball out on the green with a regularity.
The Cleveland RTX-3 is one of the top 3 wedges that will give you better sand shots. Cleveland is known for its innovative wedge designs, and the RTX-3 is no exception. This top quality wedge has a classic design packed with cutting edge technology. The design of the RTX-3 features three new innovations, the first is Feel Balancing Technology which moves weight from the hosel of the club to the wedge head. This lead to a better feel and very tight shot dispersion. Secondly, the grinds (dot system) features a V shape that adds shot control and consistency. The third piece of innovation that makes this wedge very high tech is the ROTEX face design, which increases spin and ensures that it is constant.
playing golf in BransonThe Titlest Vokey SM6 is one of the best wedges to ever step foot on Earth. So a wedge that carries the Vokey name is guaranteed to be a world class product. SM6 wedge was designed by Bob Vokey of which his focus was to improve the wedge in 3 key areas of wedge play: precise distance gapping, shot versatility and maximum spin. Bob Vokey’s designs has evolved over the years and each new design continues to improve over all his previous models. When compared to other Vokey wedges, SM6 is on the top in the wedge category.
Ping Glide is a kind of wedge that you need to own if you are shopping on a tight budget. Although this wedge is priced under $100, Ping Glide is jam-packed with technology, has a sleek look and has a variety of options to choose from. Ping Glide comes with a custom grip that is a bit longer than usual, so players need to grip down on their wedges, this will encourage players to hit lower shots and effectively get more shot options out of their wedges.
Playing golf in Branson can be enjoyed best if you use one of the top 3 wedges as they can help you hit that ball better.



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