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Top 3 Winter Outdoor Adventures in Branson

Date: 2019-12-26 12:00:00 am

Top 3 Winter Outdoor Adventures in Branson


Even when the snow has covered most of the places during the winter season in Branson, you can still enjoy a great time as this favorite vacation destination boasts a mild temperature that gives everyone the chance to experience thrilling outdoor adventures. When you visit Branson to spend an enjoyable winter escapade with the whole family, you should check out these top 3 winter outdoor adventures in this most visited tourist spot in the Midwest.

1. Winter Cruising at the Table Rock Lake

Taking a winter cruise at Table Rock Lake is one of the fascinating outdoor adventures in Branson as it offers spectacular experience on the water. Winter fun in Branson never stops as many attractions remain open throughout the year. Lake cruising in Branson continues to attract visitors because it offers a unique experience of enjoying exciting water adventure on the lake. In Branson, there are two options to enjoy winter cruising on the lake, which include Showboat Branson Belle and Spirit of America.

As one of the most famous lake cruises in Branson, the Showboat Branson Belle offers guests delicious lunch or dinner while they enjoy onboard live entertainment shows. Powered by a paddlewheel, Showboat Branson Belle offers sightseeing tour, delightful meal, and unique entertainment experience that’s unmatched at Table Rock Lake. Showboat Branson Belle is the largest riverboat operating in the Trilakes area and can accommodate a total of 700 passengers.

Another fantastic winter lake cruising with the Spirit of America catamaran offers sightseeing during winter and other water activities during summer. Your excellent sailing experience with the catamaran provides more intimate water adventure as it allows only up to 50 passengers at a time. Whatever kind of outdoor adventures you want to enjoy with the catamaran, you’re sure to experience unique winter fun in Branson.

Photo by Joshua Reddekopp on Unsplash2. Winter hiking on the trails

Taking an invigorating winter hike on some great trails in Branson is a fascinating way to enjoy the beautiful outdoors as it will let you see many spectacular sceneries such as the snow-covered plants and trees and freezing streams. This winter outdoor adventure that you can experience in Branson will enable you to experience a wholesome fun and excitement at some popular Branson trails that include Chinquapin Trail, Table Rock Lakeshore Trail, and two fascinating trails at Bull Shoals State Park.

Beautifully located at Table Rock State Park, Chinquapin Trail is a one and a half miles trail that features a natural surface trail. This trail is accessible to many points in the park, including a campground, park office, and amphitheater. This popular trail is relatively flat yet offers a vast sampling of woodlands and meadows. Connected to the Dewey Short Visitor Center is the 2.2 miles long Table Rock Lakeshore Trail is another beautiful trail in Branson. Visitors taking an exciting winter hike on this trail can enjoy the spectacular view of snow-covered redbud trees and dogwood.

The Bull Shoals State Park at Bull Shoals Lake boasts two hiking trails. The Big Bluff Trail is the one where you can have a panoramic view of the White River below Bull Shoals Dam. This trail is only 1.5 miles long and rated as easy. Lakeside Trail is another hiking trail in the state park and also ranked as easy.

3. Exploring Talking Rocks Cavern

If you want to enjoy unique winter fun in Branson, head on to the Talking Rocks Cavern and enjoy nature and the warmth that you can feel inside the cave. Exploring the caves is one of the most exciting winter outdoor adventures to be experienced in the Ozarks. The cavern is considered a perfect destination for visitors to enjoy the fun of exploring many fascinating things. If you think it’s impossible to enjoy winter fun in Branson, Talking Rocks Cavern will make it possible. The caverns feature beautiful crystal formations, and the long winding paths make the place so fascinating to explore.

The humidity and warm temperature level of the caverns create spectacular cave formations as well as flowstone formations known as cave bacon and cave popcorn and soda straw formations. This straw formation is called tubular stalactite that is hanging from the ceiling of the cave, and they form as water-filled calcium sulfate and calcium carbonate that flows slowly through rock’s cracks that will start to build as stalagmites. The beautiful landscape of glittering crystals inside the cavern provides the backdrop for an incredible winter outdoor adventure that every visitor will never forget.

Winter fun in Branson is still enjoyed by many visitors even when most areas in the Ozarks are covered with snow as this favorite vacation destination boasts a mild temperature.


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