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Top 5 Gears for Winter Hiking

Date: 2017-11-29 12:00:00 am

Top 5 Gears for Winter Hiking


winter hiking in BransonAs the winter season is fast approaching, many of the hiking enthusiasts who want to go on a winter hiking should not forget to bring the top 5 gears they need. While most of the gear lists are useful, as a hiking enthusiast you should know about what to look when purchasing gear for winter use to help you steer in the right direction about the capabilities you want in winter hiking gear. Below are some of the top 5 gears that you should bring when you go on a winter hiking in Branson.
Insulated winter boots with about 400 grams of Thinsulate insulation or the equivalent are sufficient for below treeline hiking. Some seasoned hikers may require that  you use an insulated mountaineering boot for above-treeline or long duration day hikes. The kind of boot can be useful to size winter boots half to a full size larger than normal to accommodate a thicker sock liner without compromising blood circulation. 
Warm socks are a must to wear when you go on a winter hiking in Branson. Many hikers wear a heavier wool sock in winter than during other times of year, but this depends on personal preference and the sock “systems” people use vary widely. If you are blister prone, you need to use sock liners. Whatever sock you prefer to use, make sure that there is plenty of space in your boots, so your toes can wiggle around as this increases blood circulation and foot warmth.
When you want to go for winter day hike, you need to bring a minimum of two hats: lightweight wool or synthetic hat for high exertion activities and another one, a warmer, heavier weight hat for later in the day when temperatures drop. Examples to these are The Mountain Hardware Micro Dome Beanie, a good lightweight fleece hat and the windproof Mountain Hardware Dome Perignon Beanie, a very warm hat, good when you’re feeling chilled after a day hike.
Bringing two pairs of gloves is highly recommended, although some hikers bring three or four pairs especially if their hands sweat a lot while hiking. A pair of gloves should be modular with an outer waterproof shell layer and an inner insulating liner. One safe way is to use an insulating glove inside a waterproof shell mitt in order to provide dexterity and warmth. Multiple liner gloves are good also and you can take them out when they get damp and cold.
Puffy Insulated Hooded Jacket is important to bring if you take a break during winter hike and stopped moving, as it’s easy to pull a big puffy insulated jacket out of your backpack and wear it over your other clothes to stay warm. This jacket should be sufficiently warm that you could stand around in it for a few hours.
So, if you want to go on a winter hiking in Branson, be sure to take with you the top 5 gears as they can help you steer in the right direction.



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