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Top 7 Reasons Why Kids Love Branson

Date: 2020-04-08 12:00:00 am

Top 7 Reasons Why Kids Love Branson


Branson has many reasons why many kids love to visit this place all year round. With its amazing attractions, world-class shows, beautiful natural sceneries, exciting water activities, thrilling water adventures, and tons of surprises, Branson has something for everyone. Listed below are the top 7 reasons why kids love Branson.

Bigfoot on the Strip1. Bigfoot on the Strip is one of the best Branson attractions for kids as this great recreational spot offers family-friendly fun, thrills, and more. Beautifully located on the famous 76 Strip in Branson, Bigfoot is a must-stop for those who are looking for a fantastic recreational experience. The place offers something for everyone – from a tremendous children’s maze and adventure course, a vibrant arcade, thrill rides, and a food truck court, Bigfoot on the Strip is a unique Branson attraction for kids that they should not miss.

Bigfoot offers Action Pass for guests who want to enjoy thrill rides. This pass provides two one-of-a-kind rides that are sure to give you a heart-pounding ride experience. The first one is the Super Sling that will let you enjoy a springy ride where you will be strapped back-to-back with a friend. In a split of a second, you’ll be propelled into the air, strapped to two bungee cords as you both spin upside down and around for some dizzying action.

The Gravity Bomb is another heart-pounding ride to the next level where only the bravest of the braves will be able to conquer this ride. The ride has eight passengers that are strapped in. They are going to move slowly upward at 200 feet, where they can enjoy a spectacular view of the Ozark mountains. Then, once they’ve reached the top, the gravity will pull them down in a heart-pounding drop, sending them screaming back down.

2. Fritz’s Adventure is also one of the reasons why kids love Branson. This Branson attraction for kids keeps them on coming because it offers every adventurer an utterly interactive experience bursting with exciting activities that are sure to capture the heart of every visitor. Whether you are just a kid or a dad, you are sure to enjoy a fantastic adventure in this fun place. Once you get inside the facility, you’ll be surprised to find tons of thrilling adventures and obstacles that you want to try to conquer. The indoor park features climbable obstacles that are sure to provide guests a heart-pumping experience.

Some of the interactive adventures offered at Fritz’s Adventure include the Ropes Course; Zip Line; Underground Tubes & Tunnels;  Warped Walls; Tree Houses; Laser Room; Climbable Water Tower; and Giant Slides. So whatever kind of adventure you have in mind, you are bound to have a fantastic time.

3. Castle of Chaos also has a reason why kids love to spend a wonderful vacation in Branson. This unusual Branson attraction for kids features the world’s first 5D adventure. This 5D adventure at the Castle of Chaos is a revolutionary family attraction that you can enjoy in two locations, one in Branson, Missouri, and another in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. This fun-filled adventure is shown in a 3D film with varying special effects, arousing motion, and an all-out shooting battle against evil. This interactive attraction in Branson has been recognized by the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions as one of the best family attractions in Branson.

Castle of Chaos is a new approach to creating fun activities that combine a scientific approach with the latest technology. If you like to play challenging games and want to get rid of the world of paranormal activity, you should play this video game.

4. Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors is one-of-a-kind Branson attraction for kids that gives them the reason why they love this favorite vacation spot in the Midwest. The fantastic adventure that you can enjoy at Hannah’s is excellent for families, couples, and tour groups. As you take an exciting adventure to the world of mirrors, you’re sure to enjoy the fun and interactive experience that you will not forget. As you start the fun adventure, you will step into a modern-day fairy tale, complete with mystery, and a princess to save.

When you try to save the princess, you’ll find your way through the mirrored walls. What you will do is to maneuver through the maze of mirrors, as there are many locations with infinite reflections in every direction.

The Track Family Fun Park

5. State Park Marina is one of the most popular Branson attractions for kids, which also provides a good reason why they love Branson. The kids will find it exciting to enjoy many different kinds of water sports activities and many thrilling water adventures. Located at Table Rock Lake, State Park Marina is where you can find an array of different styles and sizes of boats for rent, such as wave runners, pontoon boat, premier slide boat, wake boat, ski boat, luxury triton, and a bass boat.

The marina has got everything on the water, including boat rentals, parasailing, scuba diving, bass fishing, and lake cruising adventure on a 48-foot sailing catamaran, The Spirit of America. When you want to enjoy an exhilarating boating adventure, State Park Marina offers many different kinds of boats for rent.

6. The Track Family Fun Park also has a good reason why kids love Branson. As one of the most visited attractions in Branson, this family fun park offers visitors many adrenaline-pumping ride activities such as classic go-karts including bumper car, bumper boats, high-speed spring track, G-Force drag race, laser tag, sky coaster, mini-golf, and arcade games. You’ll get to enjoy also exhilarating rides with the newest Heavy Metal Rise and the two wooden coasters, The Lumberjack and the Wild Woody.

7. Castle Rock Resort & Indoor Waterpark has the reason also why Branson is visited often by many kids and because it offers many water fun activities plus comfortable accommodations for the whole family. This beautiful waterpark is great for kids and parents alike who want to enjoy unforgettable water fun activities. The resort boasts 98 Tower rooms connected to the water park and can be accessed easily through interior corridors as well as the 102 exterior rooms in the Atrium building.

Known to many tourists as a popular vacation destination in the Midwest, Branson is no wonder why kids love to spend a wonderful vacation with the whole family in this popular tourist spot.


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