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Top Horror Films for Your Autumn Log Cabin Stay

Date: 2019-10-23 12:00:00 am

Top Horror Films for Your Autumn Log Cabin Stay


While most of Branson visitors always spend a great amount of time visiting interesting places, exciting attractions, great museums, and watching world-class entertainment shows, there are a few visitors who prefer to stay most of the time in their cozy log cabins in Branson.

log cabins in BransonOne of the reasons why visitors prefer to stay in a log cabin during autumn is because they want to enjoy a great bonding moment with the family or enjoy a great show on HBO or top horror films. The cozy log cabins in Branson always feature great amenities including fully-furnished kitchen complete with modern appliances such as fridge, microwave oven, washer/dryer, dishwasher, pots and pans, and kitchen wares and utensils.

With all the great features of a log cabin in Branson, visitors can truly enjoy a great time inside their accommodation as they can always continue watching movies the whole day without going out to dine as they can easily cook food inside their cabin. If you want to glue yourself inside a cabin for a day or two, be sure to get these top horror films for your autumn log cabin stay.

Satanic Panic (RIJE Films), release date: Sept. 6

This horror comedy film is about a pizza delivery girl who finds herself at the doorstep of a wealthy society of Satanists in search of a virgin sacrifice. The film is starred by Rebecca Romijn, Jerry O’Connell, Jordan Ladd, and Haley Griffith. What’s unique about this film is – it’s the second film from the newly revived Fangoria, following last year’s gore-fest, Puppet Master: The Little Reich. The film features some of the most interesting rising stars in the genre.

Directed by Chelsea Stardust, where his film “Hulu’s Into the Dark” film and “All That We Destroy” have impressed earlier this year. The film Satanic Panic brags the writing talents of Ted Geoghegan (We Are Still Here, Mohawk) and author Grady Hendrix (My Best Friend’s Exorcism, We Sold Our Souls).

Haunt (Momentum Pictures), release date: Sept. 13

This film is about a group of friends on Halloween night that venture into an “extreme” haunted house, only to find out the fun and games they were promised to, play on very real fears and have deadly consequences. The film stars include Katie Stevens, Will Brittain, Lauryn McClain, and Andrew Caldwell.

The film is produced by Eli Roth, who also produced “Hostel” and “The Green Inferno.” Haunt is the latest feature film from Bryan Woods and Scott Beck, the writers of the hit “A Quiet Place” in 2018. The Haunt looks to fall into the slasher revival that’s been happening over the last couple of years, and while there seem to be some similarities shared with last year’s underseen gem Fell Fest, the film looks to offer its own unique, and grisly experience.

Villains (Gunpowder & Sky), release date: Sept. 20

The film is about a pair of low-level robbers that break into the home of an average couple, only to find a little girl chained in their basement where they ended up in a dark secret that prevented their escape. The stars of the film are Bill Skarsgard, Maika Monroe, Jeffrey Donovan, and Kyra Sedgwick.

Skarsgard and Monroe continue to become famous in the horror genre, and their turn in this feature film from Dan Berk and Robert Olsen (The Stakelander) promises to be a wild ride that puts them through the wringer while harnessing their physical comedy abilities. After premiering earlier this year at South by Southwest, the film was praised as a real crowd-pleaser for genre fans, punctuated with comedic wit and surprising bursts of violence.

Rabid (A71 Entertainment and Shout! Studios), release date: Oct. 7 U.K. – U.S. (TBA)

The film is about a horrific accident of a young woman who undergoes an experimental stem-cell treatment and wants to get a whole lot nastier. The film is starred by Laura Vandervoort, Stephen McHattie, Ben Hollingsworth, andC.M. Punk.

Rabid is a reinterpretation of 1977 body horror film of David Cronenberg of the same name. It is the latest film from “twisted twins” Jen and Sylvia Soska (American Mary). The film is so challenging that the Soskas had their Twitter account suspended after they have promoted images from the film.

log cabins in BransonZombieland: Double Tap (Sony Pictures), release date: Oct. 18

Columbus, Wichita, Tallahassee, and Little Rock continue to make America a zombie-ridden land as they face the evolution of their relationships and the undead. The film stars are Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin, Zoey Deutch, Thomas Middleditch, Luke Wilson, Rosario Dawson, Dan Aykroyd, and Bill Murray.

Zombieland: Double Tap is written by Deadpool scribes Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick and Dave Callaham who created “Godzilla” and “Wonder Woman” in 1984. Zombieland: Double Tap sees Ruben Fleischer returning to direct the sequel to the hit 2009 film, along with all of the original cast, for the most star-studded attraction in the fall horror lineup. Even considering the fact that zombies are shared by many over the past decade, that cast, especially if they can maintain the heart and humor of the original, is the film’s biggest selling point.

Girl on the Third Floor (Dark Sky Films), release date: Oct. 25

The film is about a man and his wife that take it upon themselves to renovate their new Victorian home, but the house has a dark history and a will of its own. The film stars are C.M. Punk and Trieste Kelly Dunn.

The film is based on a story by Ben Parker and Paul Johnstone and is a directorial debut of longtime horror producer Travis Stevens of the films (Cheap Thrills, Starry Eyes, We Are Still Here). Stevens has been behind some of the memorable indie horror films of the past decade. The film is also the acting debut of WWE superstar C.M. Punk, who received praise for his performance after its premiere at South by Southwest.

Log cabins in Branson are some of the ideal accommodations in the Ozarks region where you will find it fantastic to stay and enjoy watching top horror films for your autumn log cabin stay.


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