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Top Interactive Cinemas in Branson

Date: 2020-03-06 12:00:00 am

Top Interactive Cinemas in Branson


Top Interactive Cinemas in Branson

There are more than 50 movie theatres in Branson that host many types of live entertainment shows from a tribute to gospel and comedy shows.

On the other hand, some interactive cinemas offer 8DI fun adventure games including 7D Dark Ride Adventure that uses 3D glasses and interactive game of Mirror Maze. Some popular movie attractions in Branson include interactive cinemas such as the Bigfoot 8DI Action Cinema and an interactive theater at Branson Landing that host interactive games like you’ve never experienced before.

The Bigfoot 8DI Action CinemaThe Bigfoot 8DI Action Cinema which is beautifully located at W 76 Country Blvd. in Branson is a unique game attraction in Branson where every visitor is sure to have an amazing time. This interactive cinema is one of the best in Branson as it features some action-packed adventures that will provide every guest with a fascinating movie experience.

The interesting part of the 8DI action movie is how this immersive the movie is about. When you are buckled up in your seat and put on the 3D glasses, you’ll be treated to an amazing movie experience featuring state-of-the-art sound effects, movie sets, and amazing visuals.

Your scores at every movie you have enjoyed are also tracked, making it an amusing way to compete with friends and family. In this action cinema, you can choose from three different movies offered, each has its features and exciting plot. Visitors of all ages will be able to find something to their liking as the movies are G, PG, and PG-13 rated and all based on content, so you can be rest assured that there truly is something for everyone.

The movie “Cyborg Cowboys” is classified G-rated perfect for families with young kids. During this interactive movie experience, you will be strapped into a seat and you will be given a shooter where they'll be able to help the Sheriff chase down and stop the Cyborg bank robbers. The second movie “Bigfoot Breakout” is a PG-rated movie where you will have to help Bigfoot and his family escape the FBI.

The third movie “Mutant Zombie Attack” is ideal for older children as it is rated PG-13. The plot of the movie takes place at a compound in the Ozark Mountains. The place is under attack from mutant zombies, it’s up to you and your family to destroy the zombies and eradicate the virus. Each movie runs every 5 to 10 minutes and lasts approximately 10 minutes each. If you want to enjoy some family fun the next time you are in Branson, don’t miss to check out these amazing movie adventures.

The 7D Dark Ride Adventure that you can watch in an interactive theater at Branson Landing offers an adrenaline rush like no other. This interactive game offers every movie fan an amazing game adventure as you’ve never experienced before.

As you watch this interactive movie, be prepared to gather your courage and check out the 7D Dark Ride Adventure. Check how many zombies you can takedown. Try to find out when you take a seat in a theater, you will arm yourself with special glasses and your zombie-fighting weapon, and you can feel a heart-pumping movie experience.

Mirror Maze is another amazing interactive game to enjoy inside the theater. It’s hard to find amazing attraction in Branson that matches the intensity of the 7D Dark Ride Adventure and Mirror Maze. Seeing these interactive game adventures are a great way for guests to experience an immersive scenario stockpiled with fun and thrills. Mirror Maze presents a labyrinth that tests one’s sense of direction as you try to determine the way out or just another dead end.

The new Branson IMAX is one of the most popular movie attractions in Branson where you can watch classic and blockbuster movies. You can watch these movies in one roof. Whether you want to watch live entertainment shows, a favorite Hollywood film or you just want to go shopping with fine dining, you can have both at the new Branson IMAX Entertainment Complex. The theaters at Branson IMAX all feature a giant screen with a height equivalent to six stories and a width of 83 feet using cutting-edge film technology.

Watching any kind of feature movies at any of the theaters inside the complex will surely give you a wholesome fun as you will be enjoying listening surround sound system which features 22,000 watts with heart-pounding tunes. Included in the list of featured films at Branson IMAX are several classic movies and many other new blockbuster movies.

As home to more than 50 theaters that host many types of live entertainment shows, Branson is also home to interactive cinemas that offer 8DI fun adventure games.

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