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Top Mexican Restaurants in Branson

Date: 2019-08-02 12:00:00 am

Top Mexican Restaurants in Branson


Most of the visitors who want to enjoy a wonderful vacation in the Ozarks always include in their itinerary a visit to some excellent restaurants in Branson.

Many of these visitors don’t just want to look for a restaurant that offers delicious food, but also a restaurant that offers specialty food such as delicious Mexican cuisine. To satisfy your cravings for Mexican food, check out these top Mexican restaurants in Branson that include Casa Fuentes, Botanas Mexican Dining and Bar, and Cantina Laredo.

restaurants in Branson1. Casa Fuentes is a favorite dining spot in Branson where you can satisfy your cravings of delicious Mexican foods. Casa Fuentes was established by Manuel Fuentes Martinez in Mexico City in 1920. With his vast knowledge of international cuisines, he applied exquisite food preparations and different techniques to Mexican cuisines.

Don Manuelito, as friends called him, had worked for more than twenty years as head chef in many hotels and restaurants in New York City, Chicago, Galveston, and Dallas. Manuel Fuentes continued his interest in gastronomy in Puebla and Mexico City. Today, his son, Manuel Fuentes Rodriguez has taken the traditional Mexican recipes and brought its delightful taste to America.

This Mexican restaurant in Branson will give diners a unique gourmet experience where they can truly appreciate the excellent food service, great taste, and impeccable food quality. For your catering needs or any party plans you have in mind, don’t hesitate to visit this restaurant.

Casa Fuentes offers a complete buffet service, custom-tailored to your ideal taste. Its catering staff will take care of everything from its famous breakfast tacos to a full-service fajitas luncheon. If you are looking for the best home-cooked Mexican food, there’s no other Branson dining spot but Casa Fuentes.

Casa Fuentes offers many specialty choices that include steak chimichanga, grilled chicken quesadilla, ground beef quesadilla, shredded chicken enchilada, and shredded beef taco. Trying any of these, you can say, “it’s so yummy’’. Their chips are always served fresh from the oven, and the salsa is also made fresh with an excellent flavor.

2. Botanas Mexican Dining and Bar is not your ordinary Mexican restaurant. This beautiful Mexican restaurant in Branson is gluten-free friendly, vegan-friendly, and kid-friendly. The restaurant features happy hour, late night, sports bar, live music, free wi-fi, outdoor seating, and private dining. This family owned and operated restaurant in Branson offers fresh food to order. The extensive menu at Botanas restaurant is proof that you can get a delightful Mexican meal in the Midwest.

Botanas Mexican Restaurant also offers Latin American and Caribbean dishes with a wide range of specials, from carne asada (seared, thin-sliced, marinated beef) to a hodgepodge of meat, cheese is known as Mexico City Special and veggies. The authentic Enchiladas con Guajillo is one of the house specialties that is served with three corn tortillas, sautéed in a special Guajillo sauce, filled and topped with cold Queso Fresco. This menu is accompanied by a grilled chicken breast, steamed carrots, and potatoes or charro beans. It is served with lettuce, red onions, and jalapeno slices.

 3. Cantina Laredo is another restaurant in Branson that serves authentic Mexican cuisines. This Mexican restaurant is open from 11 am to 11 pm. Cantina Laredo is beautifully located in Branson Landing Blvd. where you will find it fantastic to go shopping and dining at first-class restaurants. Cantina Laredo in Branson is not the only location in the area; there are other two outlets in Springfield.

The restaurant offers gluten-free queso and guacamole. The server marks all the gluten-free items on the menu that you can appreciate. When the fresh guacamole is served you will be impressed when it is prepared right in front of you.

Some of the best and delightful dinner menus of Cantina Laredo include the Top Shelf Guacamole which is served fresh at your table (serves two o four); Quesadillas Al Carbon; Ahi Tuna Tacos (Mini-crispy tacos with sushi cut ahi tuna), jicama slaw and guacamole, and chipotle aioli; Nachos Al Carbon with choice of Chicken Fajita or Beef Fajita; and Queso Laredo (queso with taco meat and pico de gallo.

Cantina Laredo always serves chips and salsa for free. When you dine in this restaurant, when the weather is beautiful, you may want to be seated on the patio and get the chance to watch a spectacular fountain show in the promenade of Branson Landing.

Mexican restaurants in Branson are some of the best dining places that many visitors want to try delicious Mexican cuisine so they can enjoy a satisfying dining experience during their vacation.

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