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Trail Rides at Shepherd of the Hills

Date: 2016-06-11 12:00:00 am

Trail Rides at Shepherd of the Hills


If you love the outdoors, don’t miss to take a one-hour horseback trail ride at the Shepherd of the Hills Homestead in Branson. This exciting trail ride will let you experience a horseback ride in a historic place along some of the very same trails that the Baldknobbers vigilante group once hiked long time ago. The horses that will be used for your ride are some of the horses that were featured in the live production show “Outdoor Drama” at the Shepherd of the Hills. The horseback trail ride excursion will take you through the Ozark forests and hills as you meander your way amongst the historic places in Branson that are filled with rich history and fascinating scenery.

Trail Rides at Shepherd of the HillsThe unique sightseeing experience with the horseback trail ride departs every day between the holidays of Memorial Day and Labor Day (sometimes to open sooner depending on weather conditions). The horseback rides are located on the famous grounds of the Shepherd of the Hills Homestead on the west side of Branson on Highway 76. It’s a one-hour horseback ride experience through the beautiful Ozark hills. The trail ride has shades of trees that wind through cedar glades and forested areas. The trail rides start at the Shepherd of the Hills and will cross the set of the Old Mill Theater where the “Outdoor Drama” will be held May 22 until October 24.

This great horseback trail ride activity in the outdoors around Branson allows you to get up close and personal with the wilderness. As you take a horseback trail ride along, you will get to pass the Trail Nobody Knows How Old, ride down in the holler and the shade of the woods on a real horse. Riders must be at least 48’ in height and weigh no more than 250 pounds, and only for ages 6 and up. The ride is only allowed for single riders.

The ride will pass through the rustic acres of the Ozarks on old, shade covered trails which date back as far as the 1800’s. Your horseback ride experience in Branson offers spectacular views of the rolling hills and picturesque views of the surrounding area. Horseback riders are advised to wear closed toed shoes, as flip-flops and sandals are not allowed.

Located between Branson and Branson West, you will find Uncle Ike’s Trail Ride, another historic place to take a horseback trail ride. The shady old trails of Uncle Ike’s Trail Ride cut through the Ozarks forest which date back when Uncle Ike was the postmaster and the mail was delivered on horseback. The two-mile long trail is safe and well cared for where animals walk through shaded nature trail. Uncle Ike’s offers daily horseback ride that lasts 40 to 50 minutes and a fee of $25 per horse and $15 for extra rider.

If you want to experience a great horseback trail ride through the lovely Ozark hills, head on to the Shepherd of the Hills Homestead in Branson.

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