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Two Stars in One Stage

Date: 2018-09-06 12:00:00 am

Two Stars in One Stage


On October 20, 2018, don’t miss to check out Pam Tillis & Lorrie Morgan as they perform live at the Andy Williams Moon River Theater at 76 Country Blvd., Branson, Missouri. The electrifying performances of these two country stars that you’ll see in one stage is one of the best shows in Branson not to be missed this season. 
shows in BransonWhether these two ladies are performing a masterful duet or deliver their own individual hits, you’re sure to be electrified with their hits such as Pam Tillis’ “Maybe it Was Memphis” and Lorrie Morgan’s “Five Minutes”. 
Pam Tillis and Lorrie Morgan are currently entertaining fans across North America on their highly successful Grits and Glamour Tour. From the road to the stage in the theater, these two ladies are comfortable in their high heels. 
As both veteran performers and recording artists, they enhance the country format with style, flair, and undeniable talent that is electrifying and captivating. These two country singers are backed by some of Nashville’s finest musicians and singers. 
After they worked solo for many years, both artists find teaming up fresh and entertaining. Pam Tillis and Lorrie Morgan sparkle and shine with a down home rootsy nature that helps inspire others to embrace the Grits and Glamour.
The fascinating show of these two country singers is bound to entertain people of all ages. Come and see the Pam Tillis and Lorrie Morgan concert as they play their souls out at the Andy Williams Moon River Theater in Branson. 
Don’t miss out on all the fun that these two stars in one stage can deliver. They do incredible stage performances that will leave you wanting for more. So bring the entire family and friends. This two-hour show in Branson will tend you to grab your partner and dance the night away.
Pam Tillis inherited her musical talent from her father, Mel Tillis. She debuted at the Grand Ole Opry at the age of 8. Growing up in Nashville, she took piano lessons and learned to play the guitar by herself by age 12. She later signed with Warner Bros. Records in 1981. 
She released 9 singles and one album titled “Above and Beyond the Doll of Cutey” while working with Warner Bros. In 1991, she signed to Arista Nashville, where she released five more albums plus a greatest hits album and 22 singles until 2001
Lorrie Morgan, daughter of country music singer, George Martin, has had much success in her career. She sang hits such as, “Trainwreck of Emotion” and “Five Minutes.” She debuted her first single in 1978, though she did not break into the top charts until 1989 with her single “Trainwreck of Emotion.” Lorrie has charted more than 25 singles on the Billboard charts and has three number one hits, “Five Minutes”, “What Part of No”, and “I Didn't Know my Own Strength”.
These two ladies are sure to impress you with their entertaining performances. Don't miss the chance to see them perform together for a one night show in Branson.



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