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Warm Your Winter Holiday with some Acrobat Acts

Date: 2016-12-11 12:00:00 am

Warm Your Winter Holiday with some Acrobat Acts


Shanghai CircusThe Acrobats of China is one of the most amazing Branson shows at the New Shanghai Theater that features the all-new Shanghai Circus from China. Beautifully located in Hwy 248, the show brings a dramatic interpretations of traditional and classic Chinese acrobatic acts and stunning performances. Attending the show is an awesome holiday experience for everyone as the show can warm up your winter escapade with incredible live performances of Acrobats of China in Branson.

The talented group of over 40 acrobats from Jinan, China is sure to impress audience with their mesmerizing acrobatic acts and breathtaking stunts. This thrilling entertainment of the Acrobats of China is one of the best Branson shows that features vibrant display of stunning acrobatic acts and jaw-dropping stunts. The show will let you move to the edge of your seat as they perform thrilling stunts and acrobatic acts with so much grace. Their amazing performances include Aerial Fish Ballet, Pole Climbers, Hoop-Diving, and so much more.

The Acrobats of China show in Branson features a colorful and authentic costumes which perfectly harmonize acrobatic acts along with the display of expertise and bravery of every performer in this world-class circus show. The state-of-the-art lighting and sound effects along with the thrilling musical accompaniments and stunning backdrops work so perfectly that are sure to dumbfound everyone in the audience. The fabulous show of talented acrobats features electrifying performances where everyone in the audience truly admires. The historical and cultural displays of the show entertain audience all throughout with graceful and colorful acts of traditional and classic stunts, dances, and amazing acrobatic feats.

Some of the amazing performances of the Acrobats of China show that you may enjoy include a Bicycle balancing act, Diabolo, Chair Stack, Butterfly Lovers, Adagio, dancing Dragon and playful Lion dances, and many other breathtaking acts. From awesome aerial displays to beautifully choreographed routines that feature amazing acts such as jar juggling, marvelous spinning plates, incredible hoop-diving, lasso fun, the show is sure to make you decide to come back the next time you visit Branson. This amazing acrobatic show is the perfect addition to your winter holiday in Branson.

As one of the most awesome Branson shows, the Acrobats of China delivers an exciting and fast-paced production showcasing classic Chinese dance and unique physical performances. Every year this unique show in Branson brings different acrobatic troupes from China. This year, the group offers a spectacular show of dazzling acrobatic acts, elegant eastern dance, amazing talent and beauty, and more. The talented acrobats will show their award-winning skills, colorful costumes, and stunning performances. The show truly gives every audience an unforgettable experience. As the amazing acrobats show each other amazing feats with traditional and classic acrobatic performances, you’ll surely be moved to the edge of your seat.

The Acrobats of China which features the New Shanghai Circus at the New Shanghai Theater is a fascinating Branson show that offers audience continuous line-up of amazing acrobatic acts and stunts.

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