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What Made Branson Titanic Museum a Breathtaking Spot in Branson?

Date: 2017-08-18 12:00:00 am

What Made Branson Titanic Museum a Breathtaking Spot in Branson?


Attractions in BransonThe spectacular view of the Titanic that rips the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean is one of the best attractions in Branson. This incredible setting help made the Titanic Museum a breathtaking spot in Branson. As one of the most visited attractions in Branson, the Titanic Museum offers a historic tour all throughout the year. During the tour you’ll feel like a passenger of this renown ocean liner and will let you gain knowledge about the tragic maiden voyage through tons of artifacts and countless exhibits.
This breathtaking museum in Branson offers sensational tour that allows you to walk through the Grand Staircase, first class accommodations, beautiful hallways, and public rooms. This fascinating attraction in Branson also features a store where you can enjoy unique shopping on souvenir items that are mostly related to historical treasures and priceless artifacts from RMS Titanic.
When the 90-minute Tour to the Titanic Museum is about to start, you’ll be handled a ticket with the name of one of the Titanic’s passengers. As you move through the exhibits in the Memorial Room, you will find out if the passenger name assigned to you has died or survived from the disaster. This historical attraction in Branson is home to historical treasures and many priceless artifacts.
A one of a kind scale model of the ship, an 18-foot Titanic Model is one of the beautiful exhibits in the museum that you shouldn’t want to miss to see. You will also see the replica of the Third Class accommodation that will let you learn what it was like to stay in Third Class cabin, how many people shared in it, where the bathroom was located, and also learn how much would it cost to stay in Third Class accommodation in today’s standards. As you tour the museum, you are sure to appreciate the Grand Staircase that was hand-crafted with wooden inlays.
As you continue the tour inside the museum, you can have the chance to step into the Captain’s bridge and get the opportunity to learn how to send an SOS signal and see equipments such as the steering wheel, the compass, telescope, and the mapping table. The museum features the exhibit of Molly & Carter’s Dog Kennel that shares the facts about the animals that have travelled onboard the RMS Titanic. You can also see a memorial wall inside the Titanic Museum that features the names of 2,208 Titanic passengers and their stories. The museum also features unique exhibits about the children who sailed on the Titanic. Of the 2,208 passengers of the Titanic, 133 of them were children. Their thoughts, experiences, and feelings are recreated in this unique form of display.
Attractions in BransonThe Titanic Museum has spent over one million dollars for the refurbishment of the Grand Staircase. This fascinating staircase was beautifully hand-crafted and built out from the original blue prints of the Titanic. The Grand Staircase is where first class passengers usually converge to meet up for social functions onboard where the rich and the famous get together before dinner. You will learn in this museum tour that the ship sunk 2 miles below the ocean bed. You can also take a virtual tour of the ship to allow you to see photos of the wreckage.
Inside the museum, you will also see a gallery that houses over 400 personal items from passengers. The museum is the only place that displayed these items for the first time ever. The entire collection of personal items from passengers has a value of over $4.5 million. Inside the museum, you will find it interesting if you get the chance to touch the 28-degree waters, an iceberg, and a coal in the boiler room of the ship. The museum has also added Murder History where guests are asked to solve the mystery death of Officer William Garrett. Each guest assumes the name of passengers while they search the killer among them.
 Inside the museum, you will find the Titanic Store which features some of the exceptional replications of collectibles, select artifacts, giftware, and jewelries. In this store, you can have the chance to own collectibles such as Titanic Coal, Titanic Newspapers, Titanic Coins, and Titanic Ship Replicas. You’ll also find RMS Titanic Goldtone Necklace Replica room key, a beautiful 25 inches chain with 5” extender that you can buy that was based on a recovered artifact. You can also buy in this store, Titanic Men’s Apparel, Titanic Ladies’ Apparel, and Titanic Youth Apparel.
Tote Bag is also a nice shopping item that you can grab in the Titanic Store including RMS Titanic Crew Roll Tote Bag priced at $15.00, Titanic Fleece Tote Bag priced at $30.00 and a healthy Titanic Tea 20 Count Sachet priced at $18.00. The store also features great display of Titanic Authentic Coal that comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Each of the authentic coal was recovered from the salvage dive that was brought to surface in 1994.
These authentic coal shopping items include 1’’ Coal Hoop Earrings Silverto, 3D Ship with Titanic Coal, Authentic Coal Cage Necklace, Authentic Titanic Coal Keyring, Authentic Coal Ship’s Wheel Ornament, Coal and Glass Paperweight, Limited Edition Boarding Card Plaque, RMS Titanic Double Frame, RMS Titanic Authentic Coal 4” Houseglass, RMS Titanic Goldtone Earrings with Genuine Coal, and RMS Titanic Silvertone Frame with Genuine Coal. Prices of these shopping items with authentic coal range from $10.00 to $75.00.
It is also great to buy some Titanic Books displayed in the Titanic Store such as The Sinking of the Titanic, Titanic 1912 Facts, Titanic Memorabilia Collection, Titanic Survivor – Violet Jessop, and Titanic: Triumph & Tragedy Book. You will also find great display of Titanic Novelty items that include Boarding Pass, Water Bottle, Titanic 500pc Puzzle, Titanic Captain Smith 8’’ Plus Bear, Titanic Coal Keyring Ship, and Titanic Class Circle Ornament. Also displayed in the Titanic Store are some of Titanic Replica Chinas that include 1st Class Cup  Saucer with Real Gold Decal, 1st Class Salt & Pepper Set with 4K Decal, 1st Class Teapot, 3rd Class China Replica Dinner Plate, 3rd Class Replica China Coffee Mug, and Titanic Replica Ceramic Toothpaste jar.
In year 2016, the museum added the most impressive artifact on display from the Titanic, the violin played by Bandmaster Wallace Hartley. The violin is a gift from his fiancé, where there’s a plaque affixed to the tailpiece of this precious instrument. The only bible to survive from the Titanic is another significant artifact that is also on display in the museum. The museum also pays tribute to the musicians who were aboard during its ill-fated voyage with the display of grand piano and with reproduced images of each musician.
The Titanic Museum also features ‘TotTanic’ ship simulation which is one of the most engaging simulations that was ever created. You can have the opportunity to use a real ship-steering wheel and telemotor that are similar to those used on the actual Titanic ship. This interactive experience will be felt around the last 37 seconds before the ship hit the iceberg. The objective of the simulation is to avoid the iceberg by using both the steering wheel and telemotor to turn the ship to avoid the impact. If you can avoid the impact, it saves the Titanic and everyone on board.
The beautiful setting of the Titanic attraction in Branson is what made the Titanic Museum a breathtaking spot in Branson.



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