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What Makes Winter Golf Exciting

Date: 2019-01-12 12:00:00 am

What Makes Winter Golf Exciting


Many golfers stop playing golf in Branson when the weather turns colder. It’s quite understandable, as the prospect of playing in a muddy winter green appeals only to the most crazed golf enthusiasts.

playing golf in BransonBut those same golfers who hide their clubs after the autumn meeting can also often be heard complaining of early-season rust at the time of the following year’s spring meeting. Just because the frost is nipping at your nose, toes and every other part of your body doesn’t mean you should put your clubs away for the winter.

The cold climate should not be an excuse for you to not enjoy this great game during winter. It’s actually exciting to keep your game ticking over and even improve it during winter. And you won’t need to get cold or wet in the process.

The best way to keep playing golf in Branson in good order through the winter is to carry on playing. As experienced by many golfers, golfing through the harsher months can be challenging. But we don’t live in the northernmost part of the globe. We get some exciting game through winter too, so pick your moments.

On a clear, crisp and still day, there are a few finer places during winter to be than on a deserted golf course where you’re free to work on your game without the pressure of groups behind or hold-ups in front. There are link courses in particular that remain highly playable through the winter.

Winter is an ideal time to work on necessary changes to your game, so try to book for a series of lessons with a professional. Be sure to go into these with a definite objective – to cure that slice, to develop a more solid pitching action or to work on controlling your ball flight for example. If you target a key part of your game in need of improvement, and dedicate a number of weeks to it through the winter, you may well start next year with one less problem to worry about

When playing golf in Branson during winter, you lost most of your body heat through your hands and head. To stay warm, you need to keep them covered. A toasty ski cap and a really good pair of mittens is a must. A pack of hand warmers to keep your hands warm between shots is a good idea. To keep your body warm, layer it up with some of the new lightweight warm weather gear.

The new high-tech gear is lighter in weight than the old long johns and wool sweaters. The material is designed to keep heat in and allow moisture out for maximum comfort. Winter kit is amazing. Bobble hats, base layers, mittens, those warm tea bag things, proper socks, digging out your spikes. All this makes winter golf exciting. Summer is a nightmare of mobs and sweat patches.

The frost that envelopes around the golf course and the pack of things that you wear when playing golf during winter are the reasons why playing golf in winter is exciting.


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