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Why Golf is Best for Women

Date: 2016-03-21 12:00:00 am

Why Golf is Best for Women


Golf is a sport often played by men. But now women golfers are becoming more interested to play this game not to improve their health but also to build good relationship with their peers or superiors. Building good relationship through playing golf can be a good opportunity for professional woman looking to advance her career. Women golfers love to play golf at Thousand Hills Golf Resort as they think it can help boost their careers. Understandably enough, golf can really make a good impact on the life of a golfer.

Women golfers According to the publication of the magazine of the Association for Financial Professionals, women take up golf because their companies encourage them so they can help entertain clients who are mostly golf club members. This may seem true to some companies, but the benefits of playing golf is very clear that it can affect all aspects of a woman’s life including her career, health and fitness, mental focus, social life, and personal relationships.

This little ball can really make a huge impact on your personality as a professional woman and it can really boost your career. If you wish to join with your boss or a client outside of business, you sure can have uninterrupted time of at least 4 hours if you can invite them to a round of golf. You may feel to be looked over for a promotion one day because the company executives don’t know you. If the company organizes a golf tournament, sign up fast so that you can have the chance to mingle with the company executives and start develop a good relationship.

Playing golf can give plenty of benefits to women that include anti-aging, physical strength and mobility, lower risk of diseases, mental health, fun activity, and personal growth opportunities. If you walk in an 18-hole game course, you can burn over 400 calories an hour. You can figure out the number of calories you can burn for four hours of playing plus added input on calories if you carry your clubs or a golf cart. The 1910 issue of Good Housekeeping Magazine extolled the benefits of golf that it “wards off premature middle age and keeps women healthy by enforcing walks in the open.” The 2010 issue of the magazine reiterated that this issue added scientific evidence from the past century to back up the claims.

The low-impact exercise with walking the course improves strength and mobility to people with arthritis. Playing golf has also been proven to lower cholesterol, improve metabolic rate, and lower stress hormone or cortisol. Playing golf can also help improve one’s mental ability, build concentration and focus, and lower anxiety, depression, and stress. And while you are hitting your best shot, you get the opportunity to enjoy the fascinating beauty of the golf course.

Women golfers who take advantage of playing golf not only enjoy the health benefits it brings but also give them the chance to develop good relationship when they mingle with company executives.

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